A Better Birthing Experience: How to Thrive During Pregnancy With Chiropractic Pregnancy Care
by Dr. Charminae N. Barnes



April 11, 2019


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A Better Birthing Experience: How to Thrive During Pregnancy With Chiropractic Pregnancy Care

Did you know that pregnancy symptoms, though common, are not normal?  There are natural ways to manage pain and discomfort during pregnancy, including chiropractic care.

”Chiropractic and pregnancy, is that actually a thing?”  I know this is a question that stumbled across your brain as you read the title of this article, right?  It’s ok. As a perinatal and pediatric chiropractor, I continuously get asked similar questions like this all the time.


Let’s first start with some chiropractic basics to help you to grasp an understanding of what this profession is really all about.


Chiropractic is a completely natural, drug-free way to keep your body healthy and functioning optimally. It’s safe and amazing for all people of any age whether you are experiencing uncomfortable symptoms, seeking natural solutions for your family’s healthcare or if you simply want to be at your best.


How is this possible?  Through chiropractic we are directly addressing the system that controls EVERYTHING in your body – your nervous system. Your brain and spinal cord is so important that it is completely encased in bone through the skull and spine to keep you protected. When you hear people are seeing chiropractors for something other than low back pain, this is why. Dope chiropractors, like myself, make sure that there are no interferences within your spine.  This decreases pain and dysfunction and increases the body’s natural ability to thrive. When you have pressure on this master system, it directly prevents your body from working at its best. That’s why chiropractic adjustments are needed for everyone, including pregnant women.

During pregnancy, regular chiropractic adjustments can help a woman to be healthier and have a better childbirth experience.  Here’s how.

3 Reasons to See a Chiropractor During Pregnancy:

1. Back and Hip Pain Relief

Did you know that pregnancy symptoms, although common, are not normal? From the time of conception, women undergo physical, chemical and emotional changes that allow them to create and provide for new life without any assistance from the outside world. The body is so intelligent that it does this on its own.

But during these nine months, as their babies grow, pregnant women experience changes within their bodies that can be overwhelmingly strenuous to their bones, muscles and joints.

As a result, the weight of their expanding bellies alters their postures and their spinal curves in an uncomfortable way.  This is especially true if they previously had spinal imbalances due to car accidents, other physical traumas or bad posture.  This can increase symptoms that can sometimes be unbearable. Regular chiropractic adjustments from an ICPA trained chiropractor can help a mama’s body to adapt to this added weight with ease, by helping her body to maintain balance and structure.  

2. Better Fetal Position of the Baby

Did you know that your uterus is attached directly to your pelvis? This relationship is like a hot air balloon, where the uterus is the balloon and the pelvis is the basket. So, this means that if you have misalignments of your lower spine and hips, then the uterus has no choice but to follow suit and become misaligned as well. If the uterus is not in the correct position, then your baby is not able to get into the correct position, which is head down, facing the back of you.

If the uterus is not in the correct position, then your baby is not able to get into the correct position, which is head down, facing the back of you.

Seeing a chiropractor during pregnancy helps to decrease intrauterine constraints and allows baby to assume the position easily without pressure being forced onto his or her little body. When this occurs, women can now have more efficient labors, which could mean shorter labor times, decreased labor pain or a combination of both, thus allowing mama to have the ability to manage through the birthing process without suffering.

3. A Better Labor and Birth Experience

Let’s face it labor is not called labor for nothing. It’s called labor because women work really hard to get our little beings here as safely as possible. Of course women are already strong, but when we have increased pressure on our spines and nervous systems, we can cause our labor experiences to be harder, thus requiring us to be even stronger than we already have to be.

If mama’s spine and pelvis have proper alignment and all of the nerves to the muscles, ligaments and organs of her body are free and healthy, then her labor, birth, and postpartum experience can be more comfortable and healthy too. Since babies are doing 50% of the work, babies can move throughout the pelvis with ease. This helps labor to be a smoother process.

Giving birth can be one of the most beautiful events that a woman will ever experience.  

Through chiropractic education and care, women can become more informed & empowered to have the perinatal experiences that they deserve.

Women are strong, competent, and capable of birthing without fear and without insurmountable pain.  With knowledge and preparation women can be in the driver’s seat for their bodies, their babies and their babies and their births.  

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