Stacie Craig

Stacie has been writing since she could write. At the tender age of 6, Stacie wrote her first novel, All About Stacie, an autobiographical sentence about time spent on the playground. A year later coming off the heat of her premiere sentence, she made her theatrical debut on her grandmother’s front porch in a play she wrote, starred and directed, Magic Shoes. Stacie is one of the rare beings that was actually born in Los Angeles, however her time as a native Angelino was short lived, because at 9 her mother moved back to Southern Illinois, which is no where near Chicago and way to close to Kentucky. Stacie credits her keen sense of humor to growing up in the Midwest, because everything is funnier in Illinois. Stacie attended graduate school at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale. There she mastered the craft of playwriting and drinking coffee at night. During her last semester her department produced a play by Allen Ball, before he was Allen Ball. After talking to him about Hollywood and his paycheck, she discovered she had a passion for television (especially during finals week). It was this passion, her Mustang, and Alan Ball’s paycheck that drove her back to Los Angeles with dreams of stardom and Oscars. In 2009, after 8 years in the entertainment industry and 5 years of public school teaching, Stacie became a Nickelodeon writing fellow. She wrote for the Winx after the fellowship, but she had to take a step back to help her terminally ill mother and raise her son. Last year she co-created an animated series for Ice T and Coco, and she continually works on independent projects, spec scripts and script consultations to stay sharp. Currently, Stacie is back in the classroom molding young minds, confiscating cell phones, and writing for that next big break.