Black Love’s Last-Minute Gift Guide for All of Your Holiday Needs
by Toni-Ann Craft



December 18, 2019


10 Minute Read


Black Love’s Last-Minute Gift Guide for All of Your Holiday Needs

With the holidays just days away, are you stuck scrambling for last-minute gift ideas? Well, Blacklove.com has you covered for all of your holiday needs. We’re sure this gift guide will spark some source of inspiration to complete your gift-giving list. From unique presents for the plant lovers in your life to children’s books depicting beautiful Black characters. And fellas don’t worry, we’ve got you covered as well! Check it out below.

Boss Moves Daily: 2020 Motivational Calendar For the Modern Go-Getter

Let’s keep thriving and inspiring every single day of the year! Boss Moves Daily provides inspiration paired with a healthy dose of tough love to get you closer to fulfilling your dreams. It will make a great stocking stuffer or gift for an entrepreneur, work-mate, or anyone serious about reaching their goals in the New Year. 

The Onileola by Rooted Pots

Trust us, this is the ideal gift for the chic-plant-loving naturalista. More than just your average flower vase, Rooted Pots are a tribute to the natural roots of Black hair, culture, and history. These gorgeous flower pots come in three sizes and ten unique colors. 

MyBrownBox Self Love and Affirmation Notes 

Treat someone to the simple gift of self-care. These “50 Day Self Love Affirmation Sticky Notes” serve as a constant reminder to love and be kind to yourself daily. When used consistently, affirmations are known to boost self-esteem and improve self-confidence – making it essential to be intentional with your thoughts and words because they hold power. 

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The Memo by Minda Hearts

The Memo is a much-needed career advice guide specifically for women of color. It aims to end the one-size-fits-all approach of business books that usually lumps together women across races and overlooks the unique barriers to success for minority women. This book is an excellent gift for all of the ambitious career ladies looking to climb the corporate ladder.

Harlem Candle Co.

Inspired by the richness and culture of Harlem, this candle company is a luxury home fragrance brand that specializes in scented candles. It was founded in 2014 by travel and lifestyle expert Teri Johnson and is the manifestation of her love affair and fusion of fragrance, jazz, and all things Harlem.


Bamboo Tray and Bath Pillow Combo by Macklin Bath & Home

Sit back, relax, and unwind with this luxurious bamboo tray and bath pillow. It’s a bath accessory that will truly elevate your in-tub experience — featuring a wine glass holder, removable console to keep your phone nearby, book holder for bath-time reading, and a removable soap dish for minimal reach! You can make any day an in-home spa haven with this much needed special treat.

Twisted Aloe

This luxurious hand-whipped aloe and lavender rose butter will be a delightful treat. A vegan, cruelty-free product topped with rose petals and a light fragrance filled with essential oils and shea butter is sure to be a holiday hit! 

Stationery for Lovers


Designed to ignite fun, flirty, and spontaneous interactions between lovers, these redeemable vouchers are the perfect pairing to keep things spicy this holiday season. Small enough to slip into your honey’s wallet, purse, pocket, or any discreet location of your choice, these love vouchers are truly a gift that keeps on giving! For an added touch, personalization is also available.


Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity brothers Archie Clay III and Tajh Crutch created this luxury fashion-forward hat brand. Their handcrafted brims reflect the signature style of the modern classic man. As an ode to their families, the Red Robin feather seen in the company’s logo is a “representation of the love, support, and encouragement” instilled for generations. 

The 1998 Deck

These playing cards are guaranteed to be a conversation piece. Merging classic ‘90s hip-hop, play spades with the gods of Rap from the “Who Shot Ya?” deck, which features Biggie, Tupac, and Lil Kim to “Ether” and even the “Shimmy-Shimmy Ya!”

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Boxed Expressions

Boxed Expressions offer a wide range of beautifully curated culinary gift boxes filled with quality products. For a one-of-a-kind gifting experience, choose from any of the available custom boxes or make your own because each package caters to individual tastes and interests.

The Skin Deep

The Skin Deep cards feature 199 questions to explore your relationships. With featured collections for couples, friends, family, strangers, and co-workers, it’s a guarantee you’ll engage in more meaningful conversations and connections.

Little Muffincakes Baby Boutique

Little Muffincakes Baby Boutique features the cutest collection of infant wear for boys and girls. Their adorable baby gear ranges from a “Black Girl Magic” gift set to their “Ashton” and “Zhara” collections. They also offer wrapping paper featuring little brown boys and girls.

Black Girl MATHgic

Did you know that 93% of Americans indicated they experience some level of math anxiety? And that anxiety is heightened for people of color. Fortunately, the Black Girl MATHgic box is here to help solve this problem! It is the first and only monthly subscription box designed to increase academic confidence in girls on a 3rd-8th grade math level. Our girls can now have an engaging and imaginative mathematics experience that incites excitement and curiosity about this subject matter.  

Alphabet Affirmation Flashcards

Affirmations through words and actions are empowering. Instilling positive thoughts early on allows children to feel accepted, loved, and supported. Practice these simple daily affirmations while teaching the alphabet and helping nurture the next generation of “Black Boy Joy” and “Black Girl Magic!”

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Beautiful, Beautiful Me

What began as a conversation with her then 3-year-old daughter transpired into Beautiful, Beautiful Me — a children’s book dedicated to the reinforcement of celebrating shades of diverse skin tones. With playful poetry, author Ashley Chea from Black Love Season 1 takes a deep dive into the art of teaching young children to not only love the skin their in but also celebrate the uniqueness of others. It is the perfect family-friendly read for children to help them better understand and appreciate the love of family and diversity in others. 

I Am Me by Jennifer Francis

Talk about girl power! This children’s book promotes self-esteem and uplifts, brown-skinned girls around the world. Author, Jennifer Francis, utilizes her artistic gifts to bring the characters and the definitions of themselves to life. 

“Hey Carter!” Children’s Book Series 

Dr. Thomishia Booker created the Hey Carter! children’s book series following the birth of her first son. She was disappointed by the limited number of books that were available at the time for young Black boys. Each book is written in rhyme, filled with illuminating colors and affirmations. As you read the “Hey Carter!” series, it speaks life into your child and serves as a constant reminder of just how much they’re forever loved. 

Optimistic Olly Children’s Book

This picturesque rhyming book for children ages four to seven years old will teach your little one the importance of having an upbeat attitude. With vibrant illustrations, this paperback is the perfect bedtime story to ensure your child relishes in the power of optimism.