Black-Owned Wine Brands You Should Support Right Now
by Dontaira Terrell



June 13, 2020


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Black-Owned Wine Brands You Should Support Right Now

Couple drinking wine (Photo courtesy of Canva.com)
Courtesy of Canva.com

This year has proven to be an emotional roller-coaster. If you’re anything like me, then I’m sure you’ve had more virtual happy hours or Zoom wine downs than one can count. But honestly, you don’t have to be in the VIP section of Club Quarantine to indulge in a nice glass of Riesling or to appreciate  an aromatic white wine. Perhaps a Rosé, which is my go-to drink of choice especially, for a nightcap.

Besides enjoyment, wine can be used in other capacities, including cooking, serving as a natural fruit and vegetable cleaner, fertilizing your garden, and a fruit trap to help eliminate annoying flies. Most importantly, drinking wine can have surprising health benefits as well! 

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In today’s climate, a glass of wine helps many of us to unwind and relax our minds even if for a brief moment in time. The recent death of George Floyd has ignited our passion and willpower as a collective to demand justice in all forms, including channeling our economic progress in support of Black-owned businesses. 

With many of us being more conscious of our spending dollars, the sister duo Robin and Andréa McBride, owners of the McBride Sisters Collection recently compiled a list of Black vintners. So even if you can’t join the frontlines, community building is another way to showcase your activism. Spanning across the globe from South Africa to the U.S., France and beyond take a look at these Black-owned wine brands awaiting to be uncorked. Trust me. They deserve a place on your shelf!  


Nyarai Cellars


Cheurlin Champagne
La Fête Rosé
Marie Césaire
Armand de Brignac

Bottle of wine with food (Photo courtesy of Pexels.com)
Courtesy of Pexels.com


Edelheiss Wine


Lyons Wine


Mukami Mwarania

South Africa

Seven Sisters South African Wine
House of Mandela
Mosi Wines 
Aslina Wines
M’hudi WinesSilkbush Mountain Vineyard

United States

Abbey Creek Vineyard
Bodkin Wines
Brown Estate
Corner 103
Earl Stevens Selections
L’Objet Noir
MYX Fusions
Okapi Wines
Free Range Flower Winery
Longevity Wines
Love Cork Screw
Indigené Cellars
Wachira WinesWade

Moss Wines
Stuyvesant Champagne

Man pouring wine (Photo courtesy of Pexels.com)
Courtesy of Pexels.com

Tympany Vineyards
Fog Crest Vineyard
Charles Wine Company 
McBride Sisters Collection
Zafa Wines
Theopolis Vineyards
Jenny Dawn Cellars
Maison Noir Wines
FLO Wine
Vision Cellars
Sosabe Cellars
Domaine Curry
Shoe Crazy Wine
L’Tonya Renee Red Blend
Frichette Winery
Simply Love Wines
Sip & Share Wines
Darjean Jones Wines
Virgo Cellars

Grapes hanging in vineyard. (Photo courtesy of Pexels.com)
Grapes hanging in vineyard. (Photo courtesy of Pexels.com)

Olé Orleans
Charles Woodson Wines
True Wine Connoisseurs 
Trez Art & Wine Bar
LVE Wines
Markell-Bani Fine Wines and Sparkling Beverages 
Amour Genève
Vina Sympatica
Marbue Marke Wines