How I Knew Cupid Shot Me
by Black Love Team



February 14, 2019


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How I Knew Cupid Shot Me

‘Tis the season for candy hearts, fluffy bears, and too much chocolate to eat (though we do try). February 14th is that special day for lovers to add a little extra attention to their absolute adoration of one another. Here at Black Love, we celebrate love all year around, but we do like to honor that time of year when Cupid’s arrow starts flying into all of our hearts: Valentine’s Day.

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Our question for our Black Love community: How did you know Cupid’s arrow shot you? Some of the best responses are below.

  1. “When I took him just as he was and not this fantasy of what I wanted him to be.” – @breonnadeborah_
  2. “When I found myself telling my mom every little detail about him endlessly with a smile on my face.” – @wehavebeenawoken
  3. “I was able to be myself all the time without feeling immature or too goofy.” – @sunnidaze07

    credit: Chaisallen Fanniae Jao Photography


  4. “When being with him was newness, feeling right at home, and experiencing God’s peace all at once.” – @jreadsjwrites
  5. “When I had to let go but still wanted the best for her, prayed for her, and asked God to keep her and make all her dreams come true.” – @_ShariDarnell
  6. “I carried him in my spirit…in the most beautiful way. It felt good and genuine.” – @shantlaw
  7. “The first time he prayed over me after a tough day, I knew this was it.” – @amberalisa81

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  8. “I couldn’t go a day without seeing him in everything around me.” – @miz_kasi
  9. “Because I wanted to find new ways to love the same man over and over daily.” – @mllcsw
  10. “I knew I was in love, [because] every time I looked at this girl all I could see was my future. ‘Til this day, after a [little] more than a year, I still have the biggest crush on her, butterflies and all.” – @__SieSieBaby
  11. “I knew I was in love when I didn’t care what I was doing, as long as it was with him. I found myself staring at him wondering how I got there. I was simply amazed with his energy. I now know what it means to love…unconditionally. Funny thing is, it’s just the beginning.” – @Chelle427