Our Story: Amanda & Quincy
by Love Stories



November 5, 2018


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Our Story: Amanda & Quincy

We have gone to great lengths to make an adventure out of our marriageAmanda and I have had an interesting journey to the altar. We met during my last year in law school. We were friends and dated for 6 months before I asked her to be my girlfriend. Then I graduated from law school and found a great job that paid well. It was the most money that anyone in my family had ever made. I’ll be honest; I was feeling myself. But Amanda wasn’t feeling it at all; I had gotten to big for my britches. So we decided to end our relationship after a year while both remaining in DC. Although we lived a couple of blocks apart, and rode the same metro lines, we managed to not see each other for an entire year. A lot had changed during that year. Amid the financial credit crises, I had been furloughed from my “high paying” job, and my parents were going through a nasty divorce. That year of furlough was a year of reflection for me. It was an opportunity for me to be introspective about each aspect of my life. So that when Amanda reached out to me after a year of not speaking or seeing each other, I answered the phone with more humility. After that phone call in December, Amanda and I pressed the reset button. We started out as friends and then became more than friends again. A short 4 years later, we married on August 9, 2014. In my vows, I promised to create adventure from boredom and dream up schemes that will either make our lives better or give us a great story to tell. 3 and half years into our marriage, Amanda and I have found great adventure in the many journeys we have taken together. From moving across the country to supporting each other during bar prep to overcoming unemployment and getting cast for commercials on TV (we did that!), we have gone to great lengths to make an adventure out of our marriage.

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