Our Story: Tremayne & Vanessa
by Love Stories



February 10, 2020


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Our Story: Tremayne & Vanessa

Courtesy of Vanessa Moore Thomas

Interestingly enough, Tremayne and I have been within arm’s-reach of one another on many occasions throughout the years. Most notably, we are both graduates of Howard University, where we were both enrolled and on campus at the same time during the ’90s. But, much to our chagrin, our chance meeting did not happen in the District of Columbia, formerly known as “Chocolate City.” 

Fast forward to 2017, when the Universe finally permitted us to cross paths in Atlanta, Georgia. I’d relocated to Atlanta in 2016 for a fresh start following a painful divorce, and dating was definitely not a priority. To make matters worse, I was reminded continuously by sistas and brothas that eligible, employed, healthy-minded Black men did not exist in “The A.” 

Given the statistics, I was cautioned to forget about the possibility of marriage, or even companionship, in this bustling new town. After a year of exploring the city, loving on myself and finding my rhythm, I settled into my adopted hometown, sans partnership. And as always seems to be the case, when I least expected it, the seemingly impossible happened over the Labor Day Weekend in 2017. My cousin and a close friend urged me to attend the soulful music festival, “House in the Park.”

As a native Chicagoan, I’m surprisingly not an avid fan of our local brand of house music. Still, I love a good festival and decided to head on over. Meanwhile, across town, friends urged my future husband and homebody extraordinaire, Tremayne, to do the same. It was at that festival where we randomly crossed paths. Tremayne approached me, and to this day, INSISTS that I just appeared, in his way, out of thin air.

We exchanged phone numbers, and later that evening, after our initial meeting earlier that day, we hung out for the very first time. After a night full of dancing, conversation, and cuddles, we both knew our connection was unique. From that moment on, Tremayne and I have been inseparable. We were spending every day together, weaving our tribe of loved ones into a web of interconnectivity and enjoying the process of getting to know one another. Those days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, and within a year and a half, Tremayne popped the question while we were vacationing in The Netherlands. 

Completely surprised, I said, “YES.” Things happened at lightning speed: literally within six months, we were married with a new real estate business to boot, aptly named The Park House Group. Our business name formed from our meeting in a park listening to house music. Oh yeah, we found out we were passionate about entrepreneurship and real estate too!

Courtesy of Vanessa Moore Thomas

Our story is the fairytale I’ve always desired, but sadly never expected as a forty-something Gen X-er. Meeting Tremayne was truly a reintroduction of two souls because I felt connected to him from day one. I saw his spirit before I noticed his good looks. He maintains our meeting was a modern-day love at first sight scenario. Tremayne is a patient, loving, protective partner. He is an educated self-starter with roots deeply planted within the soil of his faith and family. He has very little emotional baggage and was ready to receive me as his wife as soon as we met. 

I didn’t have to wait for him to get his “stuff together,” and there was no suffering or convincing him to do right by me. You know, The Color Purple‘s main character Celie’s ominous warning that until her foil, and soon to be ex-husband, Mister, did right by her, nothing good would come to him. Tremayne has gifted and restored a slice of my childlike innocence, reminding me that miracles do happen.  Even for a once disillusioned Black woman like me from the South Side of Chicago, now living in the glorious “Black mecca of the South,” Atlanta.

Reflections by @iamvanessamoorethomas