The Men’s Roundtable Brings Transparency, Connectivity, and Brotherhood
by Imani Bashir



January 15, 2021


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The Men’s Roundtable Brings Transparency, Connectivity, and Brotherhood

The world is constantly evolving and the rate of information received is retained almost faster than ever before. Pertinent conversations are now taking place as generations recognize that open communication serves as a function of healing for self and others. As we journey through Black Love’s 31 Days of Self-Love, a series of much-needed discussions have taken place that have held space for Black men to come together and tackle the topics that matter most to them in a roundtable setting.

Research has shown that there’s a link between racial disrimination and the psychological distress faced by Black men. This injustice has become so ingrained that it has permeated through the medical system which has caused many to feel resistant in turning to therapy to seek much-needed help. In the same way, society’s skewed perception of Black people and gender dynamics has made it challenging to be vulnerable and find spaces that hold a safety net for emotions and life experiences. However, as we maneuver into a society that is building the framework for Black men to create spaces that healthily dive into connecting with their innermost feelings, Black Love has presented the Men’s Roundtable to help in the effort.

The series features 8 episodes that offer a range of perspectives through conversations surrounding therapy, self development, role models, self love, dating apps, navigating what is deserved, love languages, and deciphering what is someone’s “type”? The episodes have guests from a range of experiences including Will “J. Dub” Smith, Kyle Smith, Brandon Bryant, Timon Kyle Durrett, Stephon Chaney, Qasim Basir, Hudson Obayuwana, Stu Pradia, Draper Wynston, Da’Vinchi, Kirkwood Buckman, Brian Henry, and Aaron White.

To watch episodes, you can check them out here.

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