The Real Meaning of Having a ‘Good Vagina’ and How You Can Achieve It
by Kathiana Dulcine



February 10, 2021


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The Real Meaning of Having a ‘Good Vagina’ and How You Can Achieve It

We live in an era where more and more women are creating songs about the power and meaning of what desirable or “good” vagina is. Songs like “WAP” by Meg Thee Stallion and Cardi B. and “P*$$y Fairy” by Jhene Aiko talks about it on a physical and confidence level, but what is a good vagina and more importantly, how do you attain it?

A lot of men and women assume that the tightness and wetness level is what determines whether you have the “WAP” or not. Although those things contribute to the overall sexual aspect, your vagina does more than just provide you and your partner(s) pleasure. It helps bring new life into the world, helps rid your body of toxins, and other important bodily functions. Where many women go wrong is only taking care of the parts that are associated with sex. How you take care of, treat, and perceive vaginal health, as a whole, will either make or break your sexual experience and help determine how “good” your vagina is. 

So now, how does one get their lady parts to this level of greatness? 

Here are the 5 key things every woman should be incorporating into their lifestyle not only to achieve but to also maintain their vaginal greatness:

Feed your vagina 

Did you know there are specific foods that help your lady parts thrive? Leafy greens aid in the muscle health of muscles (including your vaginal muscles) and are a natural blood purifier while also helping your body to prevent vaginal dryness and increase stimulation. Strawberries are another sexual organ favorite. Eating foods that are high in zinc, such as strawberries, help increase and support more vaginal lubrication. Strawberries are also high in vitamin C which is associated with increased libido as well as folic acid which is great for fertility health.

Drink lots of water

Women drinking water (Courtesy of rawpixel.com)
Courtesy of rawpixel.com

Water is essential for your vagina. There is no way around it. Water helps flush out the toxins in your body which then helps in keeping your body hydrated which also means hydration for your sexual organs. Drinking water along with eating vagina approved foods helps in the smell of your vagina as well. I experimented and stopped drinking my daily intake and I felt how dry my inner thighs and vagina became.Trust me, water is your friend!

Work your kegels

Kegels are exercises that help strengthen your vaginal walls. This helps in having a tight vagina. How does one perform kegels? Simple, it is the same action you do when you have to pee and you squeeze those muscles down in order to hold it in. Note: do these when you don’t have to use the bathroom. Holding your urine for long periods of time can put you at risk for a urinary tract infection and that definitely doesn’t help what your goal is.

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Loose clothing 

Woman sitting on ledge (Courtesy of pexels.com)
Courtesy of pexels.com

Be mindful of the clothing you wear and let it breath. I understand we all have the occasional front end wedgie, but do not intentionally wear tight clothing such as tight jeans, high waisted shorts, and underwear for a long period and too often. You will put yourself at risk for a yeast infection which emits a fishy/unpleasant odor that is pretty noticeable.


When you think of the word “probiotic”, think of the words good bacteria and pH balance. Probiotics are strains of good bacteria that help balance and get rid of the bad ones. They can be found in foods such as: 100% greek yogurt, kombucha, & kimchi just to name a few. Your vagina should have a consistent pH balance in order to help fight off any bacteria that may cause infection or inflammation. Adding probiotics to your daily life boosts your vaginas ability to keep that balance. 

The overall health is what is most important. What is the point of having a wet and “tight” vagina with the inability to enjoy your sexual experience because of inflammation, odor, or having some sort of infection? It is important that we look at the bigger picture and not just part of it. Being mindful and implementing these tips will help you get the vaginal goodness you are looking for.

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