These Mamas Mean Business
by Ayana Iman



May 8, 2021


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These Mamas Mean Business

Mamas make the world a better place. Can we agree, yes or yes? As a mama of one, I’m always looking to connect with other mothers who can share tips and tricks on parenting, education, and maintaining our sanity. Another plus of this sisterhood is sharing our most coveted products that enhance our lives. Here are six products for moms by Black moms that we love:


Courtesy of *MindfulFee

Multihypenate Felicia LaTour is the mother of two and founder of *MindfulFee, a lifestyle brand focusing on swag for the whole family. Her Somebody’s Mama collection features a line of sweats and tees for moms on the go. Like most women, Felicia’s weight fluctuated after giving birth. Instead of hiding behind a mumu, she opted for athleisure, clothing worn in athletic activities, and casual or social occasions. Her goal was to create chic options for stylish moms that aren’t afraid to show up and show out. 

Fourth Phase Box 

Courtesy of Fourth Phase Box

Think about giving birth and all the things you may need afterward. Are you suffering from mommy brain? No worry. Fourth Phase afterbirth care gift box has you covered, complete with belly wraps, essential oils, and more, for cesarean and vaginal deliveries. Friends and co-founders Nana Eyeson-Akiwowo and Marcia A. Cole created these boxes to support expectant mother’s health, recovery, and well-being post her surgical birth method. All products are organic, free from phthalates, non-toxic, cruelty-free, and sustainably sourced. 

Sugaberry and The Suga Podcast 

Courtesy of Sugaberry

Co-founders Tika Sumpter and Thai Randolph created an innovative platform celebrating all aspects of the Black and Brown mom experience. The Suga is a weekly podcast that amplifies sisterhood among mothers through shared experiences. Sugaberry is the editorial component covering topics from Black Maternal Health Week to how to cultivate inner peace. The beauty of this initiative is the commitment to uplifting underserved communities in this niche market. 

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Prende Pants 

Courtesy of Prende Pants

Created by a mom and trained Birth Doula, the Prende Pants provide you with the benefits of belly wrapping, aiding in the uterus’s natural ability to compress back into shape. Founder TQ Evans set out on a mission to give mamas a confidence boost as they transition into their new role. The pants are adjustable, breathable, and high-waisted for maximum coverage of your midsection. The best part about these pants is they are manufactured at a woman-owned factory, where employees are paid a living wage. 

Milky Mama

Courtesy of Milky Mama

Milky Mama founder Krystal Nicole Duhaney is a triple threat: a mompreneur, registered nurse, and an   International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. After struggling with her milk supply, Krystalrealized that there were very few resources for breastfeeding mothers – so she did what any superwoman would do – she created a line of lactation cookies to increase milk supply. Her products have helped over 50,000 mamas make more milk. The Milky Mama’s product line includes delicious Lactation Cookies, Brownies, Emergency Brownies, Tropical Iced Tea, Lactation LeMOOnade, Lactation Smoothie Mix, and Herbal Supplements. 

Mommy Wipe

Courtesy of Mommy Wipes

Put your hand up if you are a mom, and you cannot stay clean! The Mommy Wipe is an on-the-go cleaning wipe packaged perfectly for busy moms. Just ask the founder and mom of two, Julia Webb. You can stuff them into your purse or baby bag without taking up any space. What I love most is that they are perfect for most stains — like makeup, spit-up, juice, and more — helping you reclaim your time.

We are grateful to these mamas for creating products to help other mamas! Whether you’re a cool mom or know of one, don’t miss out on these cool finds. Now is the time to treat yourself and the others that matter most to you.