‘Black Love’ Bonus Clip: Justin and Joy on the Breakup That Brought Them Back Together Stronger
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September 10, 2019


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‘Black Love’ Bonus Clip: Justin and Joy on the Breakup That Brought Them Back Together Stronger

Joy always knew she was supposed to marry Justin. They met in college and had been dating for over three years before she realized they needed to break up. See, she didn’t want to break up with him — he was the love of her life — but she understood that Justin had a lot more maturing to do before he could commit to the type of relationship she required. And, at the time, Joy knew she had to be honest with herself about it. 

“I knew that I was supposed to marry this person,” Joy shares in an exclusive Black Love season 3 bonus clip, not seen on the show. “I heard it, that he would be my person, but not as he was. He would have to be a different version of himself.”

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Because Joy knew that he wasn’t “ready,” and in an effort not to bruise his ego, she decided to give Justin an “out” instead of the traditional “I’m breaking up with you.” And sis laid it all out in a letter. 

The breakup went as planned, but what Justin and Joy didn’t know at the time, is their separation would bring them back together stronger and more secure in their love. Watch the clip below to hear them share their story of how they reunited and how Justin quickly discovered that his newfound “freedom” as a single man wasn’t actually what he really wanted.

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