If You Haven’t Tried V-Steaming, You’re Missing Out: Here’s Why
by Mel Jones



May 5, 2020


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If You Haven’t Tried V-Steaming, You’re Missing Out: Here’s Why

Courtesy of Tonl
Courtesy of Tonl

With COVID-19 lurking around every corner, hiding within every hug and [literally] hanging on to  every surface, our bodies have collectively come into focus like never before. Many of us are sleeping more, eating better, possibly even exercising in an effort to stay healthy and try to fend off disease. It’s unfortunate it took a pandemic to cause some of us to focus on our bodies. But now is the perfect time to show our bodies appreciation for allowing us to get this far. And while  you’re fortifying yourself against COVID-19, don’t forget your lady parts.

So, let’s talk about the V-steam also known as vaginal steaming or yoni steaming. Vaginal steaming is the practice of using steam, and herbs to bring balance to the female reproductive system and our bodies as a whole. In recent years vaginal steaming has been reintroduced to our cultural consciousness often as a new trend, but it is a woman’s health practice that is older than the field of gynecology! Now while you marinate on that fun fact also check out a few benefits of vaginal steaming.

Health Advantages

Increased Circulation: It warms everything up which means it contributes to an increased labido and stronger orgasms.

Reduced Stress: Calming the entire body to help you relax and reduce stress limiting both bloating and cramping, to helping alleviate heavy blood flow during menstruation.

Helps Fight Off Infection: Although, not medically confirmed, many have suggested it  successfully helps cure bacterial vaginosis (BV) and yeast infections.  

What You’ll Need:

—Four to eight cups of water

—One large pot for the water

—One heat source 

Optional Ingredients:

Herbs Please use one tablespoon for every six cups. (Mint works for all body types)

Salt Only if you do not have herbs on hand. 

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) – Can also be used in place of herbs. 

Things to Consider

A vaginal steam is simple. A comfortable and clean set-up on the floor is all you need to get started. And kneeling over the steam is all you have to do to receive the added benefits of vaginal steaming! However, for more comfort you can easily modify a chair or buy a vaginal steam seat. If you don’t have any of the materials mentioned above on hand then it’s okay to only steam with water.  

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It’s also worth mentioning that vaginal steaming isn’t for everyone. If you are on your cycle, experience irregular cycles,spotting in between menstrual periods, pregnant or believe you may be pregnant, then V-steaming is not for you. Additionally, if you are pregnant or trying to conceive then consulting with a healthcare professional about yoni steaming safety is strongly recommended. 

Step-By-Step Guide 

  1. Boil one to two liters of water, infused with herbs and if no herbs are on hand use approximately three tablespoons of salt or apple cider vinegar. 
  2. Kneel over your hot water and herbs or use your steam seat for a maximum of ten minutes. Enjoy the steaminess and pulsating heat!

It’s hard to deny as a global community we collectively will never see a time like this again in our lives. So let’s make an ongoing effort to take care of ourselves and each other during these trying times.

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