Episode 5 Part 3

Elisha Beach: Being a Badass

Elisha Beach shares her honest feelings about her new body AND her newfound badassness as a mom.

Episode 5 Part 2

Elisha Beach: Blended Family

Elisha talks to Lizzy Mathis about the strong dynamic of her blended family (of 10) and how she, her husband…

Episode 5 Part 1

Elisha Beach: Breastfeeding on my Instagram

Elisha talks to Lizzy Mathis about how her breastfeeding-on-the-toilet photo went viral and why sharing the realities of being a…

Episode 4 Part 2

Felicia Latour: Living Out Loud

Felicia talks about living out loud and using her platform as a vehicle to promote mindfulness and speaks HER truth…

Episode 4 Part 1

Felicia Latour: Postpartum

Felicia Latour gets very transparent with Lizzy Mathis about her postpartum journey and why she has chosen to be vocal…

Episode 3 Part 3

Ryan Michelle Bathe: Careers and Kids

It’s a balancing act being a new mother and managing a career. Especially an on-camera career!! As an actress —…

Episode 3 Part 2

Ryan Michelle Bathe: Finding Diversity

Ryan Michelle Bathe opens up about building community and finding diversity with our host, Lizzy Mathis! These moms talk instilling…

Episode 3 Part 1

Ryan Michelle Bathe: Raising Boys

Lizzy Mathis talks to mom and actress Ryan Michelle Bathe about raising boys! Can you relate?

Episode 2 Part 3

Bec Gross: Finding Your Village

Bec Gross talks navigating friendships when you become a mom first and finding your friends as a new mom.

Episode 2 Part 2

Bec Gross: Motherhood and Career

Bec Gross opens up about balancing motherhood and career and what managing that looks like.