About Us

Black Love, Inc. is the premier Black-owned platform for celebrating 360 degrees of Black Love. Across television, digital, social media, and experiential, the brand speaks authentically to the Black community.


With over 20M+ monthly combined social media & digital impressions, highly-engaging experiential activations, and a growing portfolio of original digital content, we are uniquely positioned to amplify the meaning of Black Love for today’s Black millennial audience.

Founder and Editor-in-Chief, BlackLove.com

Codie Elaine Oliver

Codie Elaine Oliver is a film and television producer. She’s the co-creator and director of the BLACK LOVE docu-series and Editor-in-Chief of BlackLove.com. She’s also a mom to three boys, learning every day how to juggle entrepreneurship and family.

Founder and Publisher

Tommy Oliver

Tommy Oliver is a film producer, director, writer, cinematographer, photographer and entrepreneur. He produced the films “The Perfect Guy,” “1982” and “Kinyarwanda” among others, co-created the docuseries BLACK LOVE with his wife Codie Oliver and has been noted for his photography during the BLM protests.

General Manager

David Wasicki

Social Media Director

Vanecia Pollard

Head of Video

Adam Simms

Digital Creative Manager

Bre Jones

Digital Editor

Starline Hodges

Web Producer