All Things Money (VIDEO)
by Black Love Team



February 24, 2018


2 Minute Read


All Things Money (VIDEO)

On All Things Money, Tonya Rapley shares the financial tips, tools and strategies you need to make sure your relationships and your bank account are strong.

Get to know financial expert Tonya Rapley and the All Things Money series as she shares money advice that you and your wallet will love.

There are a few ways to successfully manage money with your partner! Have you considered your options or had conversations about it? Tonya shares some different strategies in this episode of All Things Money, and remember — do what works for you!

Tonya discusses what financial questions to ask, WHEN to ask them, and HOW to bring the conversation to your partner. Are you both fully on the same page about finances? This episode of ATM is the perfect way to prep for these conversations. Get into it!

Setting boundaries between your money and your family can be a difficult necessity. To avoid becoming the ONLY financial solution that others depend on, especially when working to successfully manage money in your relationship, talk about it! It’s a tricky topic to discuss, but better to have a plan in advance — Tonya opens up a conversation in this episode of #AllThingsMoney that many of us should be having about your coin and your family!!

Tonya sheds light on the realities of financial abuse. Did you know 90% of abusive relationships involve financial abuse?

Do you and your partner have different money mindsets? People can remain together with different financial philosophies but it’s going to take a whole lot of respect and understanding. Tonya shares how to ask the right questions during each phase of a relationship.

What does financial freedom look like to you? Different strokes for different folks but whatever it means to you, define it, and then stick to it. Tonya talks about all things financial freedom and tips to get there.