Dr. Arabia Mollette

Dr. Arabia Mollette is the embodiment of strength, perseverance, and empowerment. After receiving a full scholarship to study medicine at the Latin America School of Medicine in Havana, Cuba, Dr. Mollette relocated to Cuba, where she studied and lived for seven and a half years. After her medical school matriculation, Dr. Mollette completed her residency as an Emergency Medical Resident Physician at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center. She is now an Emergency Physician in Brooklyn, NY, at Brookdale University Hospital Medical Center. Every other year, Dr. Mollette travels to Sierra Leone to volunteer and assist in medical efforts. In addition to her health care efforts, Dr. Mollette has the opportunity to give back to her community through her podcast, The Visit with Dr. Arabia Mollette. Past guests have included Vivica A. Fox, Vanessa Simmons, Rolonda Watts, Selena Hill, Teresa Weatherspoon, and more.