Best Advice From My Father or Father-Figure
by Black Love Team



June 14, 2019


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Best Advice From My Father or Father-Figure

From dad-splaining that makes you roll your eyes, to dad jokes that have you cringing at every outing, the “go away dad” father figure in our lives don’t often get the advice-giving love that they deserve. In fact, many of us are the people we have become due to those short quips of knowledge our fathers have shared with us, sometimes without us even realizing it. Even if, at the time, it sounded cheesy, preachy, or teachy, the advice our fathers give often sticks with us in the situations we need it the most. So, with Father’s Day around the corner, let’s hear it for the dads!

Blacklove.com asked our community what the greatest life lessons their fathers by blood, or by bond, have shared with them. These are our favorite answers. \

1) To never sign anything in life before reading thoroughly @nidzi22
2) Instead of complaining, do something! @papqueen_sa
3) Never compromise your principles @azzajay88

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4) Never say you have nothing to do, there’s always something that can be done to better yourself @ms.im.unique
5) My beauty on the inside will always out last my external beauty and to treasure that @venusamor28
6) Speak up for myself, and be confident @mzzjones1

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7) Never give up, man can also cry @nkosinathi_m
8) To love yourself and protect your family @x.cedm
9) I am enough @beebell58

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10) The power of a kind word and hard work @ordinaryjen
11) How valuable I am @liliscreations_lili814
12) How a man should treat a woman @abbinelle

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13) To say what I mean and mean what I say, To be a person of my word. @cookie_cotton
14) I have learned that I am good enough; that I can get dirty and change a flat tire in heels @tizalubin
15) Be unapologetic about who you are and where you come from @nthabiseng_nx

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16) Don’t make false promises to my kids. No matter how small @merci.mercer
17) Life goes on and maintain confidence through it all @brown_queen_sheis
18) My daddy taught me when you do the right thing, the right thing comes to you. @trelynnrenee
19) Choose to have joy @a_fearless_foodie
20) That a genuine loving fatherly bond can exists outside of biology and genetics @tonisnyc

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From our hearts to yours, thank you, Dad! Happy Father’s Day.