Top 12 Family Date Night Ideas
by Black Love Team



April 8, 2019


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Top 12 Family Date Night Ideas

Date night — it’s a great way to connect, spend quality time, and have a lot of fun with a significant other. Guess what? It’s also a great way to do all of the above with your family. Here at BlackLove.com, we are all about quality connection and fun with the people you love. With that in mind, we asked our Instagram community their favorite kid-friendly date night ideas, and we got a lot of them!

Top 12 Family Date Night Ideas

1. Every Saturday night we set up tents and air mattresses in our family room and camp out with our 16-month-old and our 5-month-old.  We watch kiddie movie and eat grilled camping snacks, and then, after the kids fall asleep, my husband and I watch Power and have our Netflix and chill. #loveit – @ur1stladyjai_sexyness

2. We would take the kids to the Drive-In once a month –– let the kids put on their pj’s, grab their favorite blankets, order some chicken fingers and fries, and have a family date night. – @the.lindsay.nicole

3. We go to open houses and dream together. – @zhenry88

4. Backwards day…dinner for breakfast and breakfast for dinner. – @_lita01

5. Christmas is a family dance off. Any families coming better come with their A-game. –  @mrs.johnson0320

6. When they were young, each child got to plan a family event –– whether it was bowling, or game night, or picking the movie –– we would pull out the calendar, and they got to choose the date and the event (with a little guidance from the parents *wink*). – @smitty_alex64



Source: Lizzy Mathis| The Cool Mom Co

7. When me and my hubby went on our first date, we took scooters through DC landmarks and we can’t wait to share that experience with our kiddos once they’re older! – @kimnadiascott

8. Whenever we get together, there’s always a family hike. – @1mooresandra 

9. Volunteering! – @vic.torie.ous 

10. Game night:  Black trivia, US trivia, and birth facts –– we quiz on time of delivery and weight and look up other people born that day.  And, we let them choose the food and cook it. – @msprity

11. Our son is 2 so sometimes we just get out and put a blanket on the ground and have a picnic. I can’t wait until he’s a bit older and we can do movie nights. – @codieco

12. Now that it’s starting to cool down slightly in Arizona, we love farmers markets on Saturdays. And, food trucks are really becoming a big thing here now! – @brittanycoop22