Like Father, Like Son: Why This Dad Encouraged His Son to Start a Business at Age 7
by Myeisha Essex



June 13, 2019


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Like Father, Like Son: Why This Dad Encouraged His Son to Start a Business at Age 7

Father’s Day is this weekend, and to celebrate the holiday, BlackLove.com is sharing a few fatherhood stories that have blown us away. Bay Area dad Emerson Pierre Robinson is one of them.

Emerson Pierre Robinson and his son, Pierre.

When his 7-year-old son, Pierre, asked him for a $60 video game, Emerson decided to teach him about entrepreneurship and make him earn it instead! They went on to become father-son business partners and created Dmir Smoothies, a health-conscious brand founded in Berkeley, California, that hosts pop-up shops to bring healthier choices to the community.

Along with teaching his son the value of a dollar, Emerson is also saving for the now 8-year-old’s future. “Our son thinks he’s spending his money, but in reality, when he reaches a goal, we spend our personal money,” he shared. “We don’t touch a penny of his earnings.” Instead, it all goes into a trust fund for the young business man’s future.  


I want to teach our kids about entrepreneurship early to open their minds.

“I just want to change the narrative in the Black and Brown community in the Bay Area,” the father of one told us. “I want to teach our kids about entrepreneurship early to open their minds and allow them to travel to see the world.”

Read more about their father-son entrepreneurial journey, and how you can support, in our Q&A below.

The young smoothie guru.

BL: How did the idea for Dmir Smoothies come about?

Emerson: Dmir Smoothies began because my son wanted me to buy him a video game, which was $60 dollars. I love my son, but I told him, “You’re going to have to work for it.” I used to cut grass and help around the house for money. So, he decided that he wanted to make smoothies to raise money. I thought that was a good idea.

BL: Why was it so important for you to teach your son about entrepreneurship early?

ER: It’s very important to me because I want him to work for himself [as opposed to] building up somebody’s else’s dream. He can do anything he puts his mind to, and I’m just installing information he can use in the future when he gets older. Start your foundation, and let it blossom.

BL: Did you see strong business skills in him from an early age?

ER: I did. He has a big imagination and always loves to create things, so we figured to put those great things to use.

BL: Do you have a business background as well? Where did you learn your entrepreneurial skills?

ER: Yes, I do. I have a clothing line called Breaking Hearts Clothing that I’ve been doing for 8 years now. I started in 2011. I picked up my entrepreneurial skills from people like my dad, Master P, Nipsey Hussle, and Diddy. Those guys laid down a blueprint and really motivated me.

BL: We love that you decided to start a brand that promotes healthy eating in our community. Was that intentional?

ER: It came about because his mom and I wanted to get him eating fruits and vegetables more. So we decided to buy a blender to mix them in his favorite stuff. He loves peanut butter and chocolate, so we combined the two and threw out some drinks he loves blending!

BL: How do you plan to use the money Pierre currently earns?

ER: We are saving the money until he turns 18. The plan is to give him a head start in life, to start another business venture or to go toward his college fund. I just wanna give him the opportunities his mother and I weren’t born with.

BL: What’s your advice to other parents who are looking for ways to teach their kids about the value of money?

ER: Start with them young. Please find something they love to do and go from there. Also, they appreciate things more when it’s their hard-earned money that they’re spending and working hard at raising. Also, look into starting them a trust fund or LLC.