Meet the Couples of ‘Black Love’ Season 4: Anthony & Melanie
by Black Love Team



August 29, 2020


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Meet the Couples of ‘Black Love’ Season 4: Anthony & Melanie

With the return of Black Love on OWN, Saturday, September 5 we’re introducing the Black Love community to the season 4 couples.

Anthony & Melanie

Anthony & Melanie
Anthony & Melanie

Years married: 18

Residence: Long Beach, CA

What we love about them: There’s nothing wrong with a man who knows what he wants! “The first time I saw him, he had talked to my sister. And so I walked right up to him, and he looked at me like he didn’t know me. Anthony is very cool. So I asked him, ‘Did you ever call my sister?’ He said, ‘No, I never called her. She’s not my type.’ And I was like, ‘Oh, what’s your type?’ And he goes, ‘You. You’re my type.’ It shocked me!”

Anthony & Melanie both experienced traumatic marriages prior to meeting, still in their 20s and they both made sure to work on themselves and to reach higher the second time around. 

How to follow them: 
Instagram: @theamazingclarks
Memorable Black Love quote: “You made me a better man, a wiser man. You made me a great dad and a great husband. It was more than I ever imagined, even as that little boy that used to dream about finding his soulmate. Thank you for making that little boy’s dream come true. I love you.” – Anthony

Catch season 4 of Black Love beginning Saturday, September 5 on OWN, and watch past seasons on Amazon and the Urban Movie Channel

Watch the trailer below for more on all the romance, real-life conversations, and high-profile couples coming your way this season!

Be sure to catch After Love, the official Black Love after show, following each season 4 episode. Hosted by the series’ director Codie Elaine Oliver and featuring couples from the show, each episode continues the conversation started in the latest episode of Black Love. Click here to start watching now!