Self-Care Rituals of Boss Mom Leslie Lewis
by Leslie Lewis



May 13, 2019


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Self-Care Rituals of Boss Mom Leslie Lewis

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As a working mother of four, I am often asked how I maintain my sanity and how I manage to take care of ME. Here is the short (semi cliché) version: I workout, I give back, I teach, I nurture, and I love with my whole heart.  

In my life, I am many things to many different people, often pulled, both literally and figuratively, in multiple directions by work and family. I have learned to prioritize my self-care for the greater good of my marriage and my children. I set aside money that’s for me and only me. Whether it’s a book club, eating, clean, swimming, gym membership, yoga, art class, salsa, or sex toys, I dedicate a portion of my income to myself like a bill.

As a business owner, mother of four, and wife, I value organization and time management, I utilize every single hour that I am awake. A day in the life for me looks very much the same Monday through Friday. I wake up at 4 a.m. and head to the gym, once I arrive back, I begin my morning household routine, and from there, I head to the pre-school where I have taught for 18 years, after that, I head home to manage my online boutique. I cook dinner and head to bed to do it all over again. Like everyone, I make time to do the things that recharge me, passions.  

Courtesy of @thelewis_show

I do not subscribe to balance in the traditional sense, I live my life in rhythm. I think of life as a dance or in waves, balance gives the illusion that you control the ups and downs of life. Considering the unpredictability of my life, children, husband, and career, I realize that there are times when the balance is off, but it is exactly in rhythm with what is needed. Days when the only time I have to myself are 2 hours in the morning, other days it is none at all. How many times have I had a sick child that needed me to care for them for days? I prayed for this life, it’s the life I wanted. Why would I complain about what I asked God for? I love it, it can be draining, frustrating, and I do cry, yes, I cry once a month, I cry not because I’m sad, but because I need a moment to be totally vulnerable and in the moment with myself. I can’t say it enough, I am not sure if I could do all that I do without my village and, of course, my supportive husband, he is a total team player, no toxic masculinity here!

What works for me is the ability to recognize my limits and stay within them; raising my family with love is, ultimately, the most important thing to me, and behind every strong mama there is a beautiful loving family rooting for her, cheering her on, crying with her, losing sleep, and grinding just as hard as she is!

Tips For Badass Boss Mamas:

Take Advantage of Your Alone Time

When the kids go to school and the hubby is at work, turn the music up loud, drink coffee, and walk around the house naked all by yourself, watch Game of Thrones and go kill the day!

Give To Others

I have found that giving begets giving, we often gain a secondary reward of happiness when helping others. It is good for the spirit.

Live Every Day In Gratitude

Do your best to remember that this wonderful gift of life is ours to make great each and every day, and complaining doesn’t solve a damn thing.

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Create A Self-Care Bill

Prioritize the money that you need to meet your personal goals, invest in yourself. It can be surprising how saving for yourself, no matter how big/small, can boost your motivation/self-care confidence.

Cry, Pray, Walk

Release the stresses of being awesome at least one time per day. A spiritual practice is important to remain grounded and is often the foundation for the emotional strength we need to accomplish great things.

Life is crazy beautiful, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!