Serie: Couch Conversations

Devale and Khadeen Ellis talk MONEY with two new couples and dig deep into some of the most common money challenges married couples face when managing finances together.

In 2018, is marriage the end all be all for proving your love to your partner? These couples are discussing the moment they realized that marriage was the RIGHT thing for them.

On Air Personality and Actor/Athlete married couple Khadeen & Devale Ellis discuss hot topics with other couples.

Khadeen (@KhadeenIam) & Devale (@IamDevale) talk balancing working with your partner and maintaining your marriage with with two couples.

Khadeen (@KhadeenIam) & Devale (@IamDevale) talk gender roles in marriage with two couples – Kevin Fredericks (@KevOnStage) & Melissa Fredericks (@MrsKevOnStage) and Casie Mills (@onestart_onefinish) & Issa Bolden (@real_name_issa)