Serie: Tantric Perspective

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Let’s talk about dating with intention! Consider ways to date for depth in today’s climate — it can be tricky. Kamali encourages you to reflect on past relationships to create a ‘more please’ list – highlighting what made you feel special, secure and confident in your past relationships and making that a requirement moving forward.

Can you have it all?? Kamali Minter breaks it down for us! Chemistry and affinity CAN coexist, but it might take some work! Have you experienced these competing elements in your relationship and did you consider this while dating?

“Why don’t I want to have sex?” Questions that needed answers! Sexual desire can fluctuate and Kamali is making sure you know that you’re NOT alone! She takes us through why it’s important to address and what factors can play a role in these types of changes. If you’ve ever had questions about this, press…

YES, Kamali is back with more #TantricPerspective and she’s talking about taking ownership and getting real with yourself to avoid killing the intimacy in your relationship!

Meet Kamali and learn how and why she became an expert on emotional, spiritual, and physical intimacy. Explore benefits of tantric therapy and new ways to heighten intimacy in your love life!

Connect your sex ➡️with your heart ➡️ and your head. Kamali says it’ll lead to some pretty EPIC sex 🙌🏾 YES, Kamali is back with more #TantricPerspective and she’s helping you to awaken some levels of pleasure you’ve never seen before with this episode on the ‘Conscious Penis’. Take notes!!

Can you have good sex with no climax? Kamali says YES! Have a good time without the pressure with Kamali’s tips.