Episode 6

Financial Freedom

What does financial freedom look like to you? Different strokes for different folks but whatever it means to you, define…

Episode 5

Dating or Single, Ask The Right Money Questions

Do you and your partner have different money mindsets? People can remain together with different financial philosophies but it’s going…

Episode 4

Realities of Financial Abuse

On this episode of All Things Money, financial expert Tonya Rapley of My Fab Finance sheds light on the realities…

Episode 3

Boundaries and Why You Need Them Between Your Money and Your Family

Setting boundaries between your money and your family can be a difficult necessity. To avoid becoming the ONLY financial solution…

Episode 2

Finding Financal Guidance

All Things Money is back with Tonya Rapley to discuss WHAT financial questions to ask, WHEN to ask them, and…

Episode 1

Managing Money as a Couple

There are a few ways to successfully manage money with your partner! Have you considered your options or had conversations…

Intro: All Things Money

Who is Finance Expert Tonya Rapley?

All Things Money with Tonya Rapley: the financial tips, tools and strategies you need to make sure your relationship AND…

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