Black-Owned Apps You Need to Download Now
by Kedean Smith



February 1, 2021


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Black-Owned Apps You Need to Download Now

The Black Love+ App
The Black Love+ App

Recently, the new social audio app Clubhouse received a valuation of $1 billion. Clubhouse didn’t pop until Black creatives began using the app and creating rooms fixated on a variety of topics. Gaining access to Clubhouse became like finding a golden ticket for Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.

It charged multi-mogul Master P to say that if Clubhouse were a Black-owned app, it would’ve never received the same level of support. KevOnStage spoke, in response to Master P’s statement, and voiced how Black people have shown up for his new app and that Black people aren’t offered the same opportunities to get venture capital or access to resources. There are tons of Black-owned apps out there that need our support. The same vigor with which many flocked to Clubhouse, is the same energy needed to amplify and spread the word about apps that were created for us, by us.

Black Love+ App (All things Black Love)
Black Love is now coming to our audience through our app in continuation of celebrating everything relating to Blackness and love. Access the platform for exclusive content including Couch Conversations, the men’s and women’s roundtable discussions, past seasons of Black Love Doc, and much more.

KevOnStage Studios App (The Black digital creator’s playground)  

The first thing you see when you enter KevOnStage Studios App is, “You’ve scrolled to the end of Netflix a million times. Be honest you need something else”. You’ve guessed right the Black owned app is a space to watch premium content from Black digital creators. You can download the app here.

EatOkra (Find the food)
Last summer at the height of many painful BLM protests, many of us made the conscious choice to amplify and support Black businesses like never before. Enter EatOkra, an app that helps you locate Black-owned restaurants in your area. Find your long time faves or try something new via the app’s easy to use interface. 

CapWay (Get financially literate)
CapWay is an online bank that wants to help break generational cycles and change our negative behaviors with money. Creating generational wealth has been something that has plagued the Black community for centuries. CapWay’s founder Sheena, realized this and is trying to combat its financial literacy tools through the app. 

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Heritage Sports Radio Network (Tune into HBCU sports broadcasts)
Historically Black colleges and universities (HBCU) play an integral role in our community by carving out a space for Black students to learn while feeling seen and protected. Created by HBCU alumnus, Heritage Sports Radio Network is an app that will keep you connected with games, news stories, and entertainment that makes you proud to rep your alma mater. Download it for iOS and Android.

Official Black Wall Street (Buy Black)
Official Black Wall Street is legitimately the Google of Black owned businesses. Find, review and support businesses based on your location on the biggest Black owned businesses app. 

Ujama (Extend your family)
Ujamaa” is the Swahili word for extended family and the Ujama app is just that.  A space for parents to connect, form community, share information and buy and sell within its trusted marketplace.