Fantastic Frenzy: How to Make Your Holiday ‘Friendsmas’ Dinner Fun
by Lauren Whitney



December 21, 2018


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Fantastic Frenzy: How to Make Your Holiday ‘Friendsmas’ Dinner Fun

Not heading home for the holidays? Here are four hacks to make this year’s holiday dinner with friends fabulous, flawless and fun.

Friends enjoying a dinner party
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Not headed home for the holidays? Hosting a “Friendsmas” dinner with friends is the perfect excuse to gather with co-workers, friends, and family to kick off the holiday season. Make your dinner party soulful, intimate, and unforgettable and take the frenzy out of your evening with these four dinner planning dos & don’ts:

Food First

Two words: plan ahead! Although head counts are helpful, DO plan for those casual guest pop-ups when you tag your location on Instagram. A few tapas or dips help to stretch the spread. It also helps if food prep is taking longer than expected — it happens. Lastly, DON’T forget to ask friends about any special dietary restrictions that they may have so you can accommodate them.

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Make it Mixy

Friendsmas is a melting pot of friends and personalities. DO have a few icebreakers or racy games to play to get the room to liven up. Lighten up the convo with libations and break out the card games. As host, DON’T forget to thread the conversations between your guests — your introverted friends will thank you later.

Personalize the Party

Most things about Friendsmas aren’t exactly traditional but, that’s the best part! DO think outside the box whether you try a themed cuisine or create a cocktail for the special occasion. DON’T forget about ambiance because photo ops are inevitable. Spice it up with a simple geotag filter or a homemade photobooth to compliment those Friendsmas selfies!   

Reason for the Season

DO have your friends share reflections about the year before breaking bread. Nothing makes being away from home easier than recounting all of your blessings. DON’T get totally lost in the turn up. Find a local organization or shelter that serves a cause for you and your friends to rally behind. Maybe ask your friends to bring clothes or food to donate collectively.

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