Galentine’s Day Vibes: How to Enjoy Valentine’s Day With Your Besties
by Briana Johnson-Sims



February 11, 2019


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Galentine’s Day Vibes: How to Enjoy Valentine’s Day With Your Besties

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Valentine’s Day is the time we celebrate the great loves of our lives — so don’t forget your best gal pals! This year, celebrate Galentine’s Day to show some extra appreciation for the special women in your life. We’re talking your mom, sister, bestie, aunt, cousin, and any woman who has held you down when times got rough, fun needed to be had, or celebrations were in order.

The rules of Galentine’s Day are simple: shout your favorite ladies, pick a day, and make it happen! All relationship statuses are welcome, and if February 13th doesn’t work, the weekend after is as good a time as any.

To make it even easier, the Black Love team has brought you 10 ideas you can try to maximize Valentine’s Day with your favorite ladies. Check them out.

Spa Day

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Self care can be a group activity! Book your mani/pedis early so you can sit together and chat while being pampered. Wanna take it to the next level? Visit a full spa for massages, facials, and other body treatments.

Movie Night

The movies always bring people together, and this February is the perfect time to find your way into a theatre near you. We suggest catching If Beale Street Could Talk or Taraji’s latest What Men Want, but you can watch anything that will spark a conversation and have you bonding with your girls.

Paint Night

Ladies love paint night, and when paired with wine, it’s especially nice. All experience levels are welcome, so all of your gals should be prepared to swirl some paint brushes. After all, the number one rule of paint night is to have fun!


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Brunch is always a good idea. You don’t have to wake up too early, mimosas are ritual, and you have no reason not to get cute. Plus, you’ll learn a lot more about the women you love over an everyday brunch conversation.


Missing your aunt’s special mac n’ cheese? Invite all your favorite chefs over to share a bomb meal together and get all the Thanksgiving vibes without the wait. Don’t like your friends’ cooking? Have a cookie baking contest to see who can get the best looking heart with the best taste.

Gift Exchange

Chocolates and flowers are optional, but almost always appreciated. If you know any single ladies who are missing a more traditional Valentine’s Day, don’t hesitate to send a heart-shaped box their way. Or you can go old school and trade handmade cards with messages about what your gals mean to you.


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Now’s the perfect time to jet to your nearest winery. In less than a few hours, you can be tasting the best whites, reds, and champagnes your area has to offer. Wander, take a tour, take a sip, but make sure you make it home safe.

House Party

House parties can be done a few different ways: you can go the chips, salsa, and bass-jumping music route or go the PJ, Netflix, makeup route. Whichever you choose, make sure the vibe leads to carefree fun with lots of laughter.

Night on the Town

Don’t wait! Put on that fire red dress you’ve been saving and take your heels on the town. You deserve to feel like a hot mama, so do it. Comedy shows, open mics, and nightclubs are all great venues, but what matters most is the way you feel when you’re walking inside.

Weekend Getaway

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Instead of talking about that trip you want to go on, book it. We mean it. Get flights to a beach for some heat and relaxation, or plan a road trip to a nearby city for some exploring. The quality time and memories will make it well worth it.

What ideas for activities do you wanna try this Galentine’s Day? Let us know!