How Self-Love Led Brely Evans to Create a Life of Gratitude
by Kenny Williams Jr.



January 18, 2020


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How Self-Love Led Brely Evans to Create a Life of Gratitude

Who inspires you, and why? When asked this question, I reflect on the resilience of my mother, who has been to hell and back. I think of my boss friends who are excelling in their careers and walking into their purpose. Then there’s Beyoncé  because who isn’t inspired by Queen Bey herself? But most recently, I was inspired by Oakland native Brely Evans. An actress with an incredible arsenal of skills but most importantly, an incredible heart with an immense amount of wisdom.

While I was livin’ a life of gratitude and enjoying a “Hot Boy Summer,” television was still my one true love. Especially salacious dramas with witty one-liners and actors oozing with my melanated brothers and sisters. I was tuned into the Oprah Winfrey Network’s (OWN) newest show, Ambitions. When I develop an obsession with multi-generational family saga’s such as this, I follow my favorite actors and actresses featured on the show, and Miss Brely was at the top of that list.

When I finally found my most authentic self and began to express the true being that I am, everything just fell into place.

One particular day I was going through it! I can’t recall the exact reasoning. But perhaps it was something along the lines of professional woes, personal unfulfillment, financial burdens, or a myriad of other things on the spectrum of your everyday millennial problems. As I was scrolling on social media past the typical shenanigans of my friends or the mindless fodder of celebrity gossip, I came across a video of the 47-year-old reciting her I AM statements. 

In her video, the multi-faceted star affirmed positivity in her daily life in a way that spoke to my soul. One of the affirmations she recited was a powerful sentiment, “I am the co-creator of my destiny.” Was it not enough that she snatched my already nonexistent edges (receding hairlines are real and dangerous)? At the time, I was considering reaching out to connect with Evans one-on-one. As DoughBoyz Cashout, one of my favorite music groups of all time, said, “chances make champions.” And just in case you didn’t know, I definitely consider myself a champion. 

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Her affirmation on that particular day was the validation I needed to move forward. For me, it was divine intervention to reach out and make the initial connection to what would be a layered discussion on spirituality, obstacles and challenges along her journey to success, and the ongoing practice of self-love. 

Credit: Louis Cuthbert

BlackLove.com: What is an obstacle you had to overcome to get to where you are today, and how have they shaped you?

Brely Evans: The obstacle that I’ve had to overcome is the obstacle of ME. I look at myself; I’m a curvy girl with chubby cheeks. The industry, for the most part, would say, “We don’t want you.” Once I got over myself, it seemed the doors just flung open. When I finally found my most authentic self and began to express the true being that I am, everything [literally] just fell into place.

BL.com: In one of your most recent videos, you chanted your I AM statements, and one of the affirmations were, “I am a co-creator with Christ.” Can you explain to me what this expression means?

BE: I’m the only creation that God gave the ability to comprehend, decide, and speak things into existence. In the beginning, God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. Why in the world would I say that I want to be an actress and there are no movies? There’s no such thing! When I say I’m an actress, the films and television roles will come because I speak them into existence. If we all realize who we are in Christ, there is nothing that we can’t be, do or have.

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BL.com: I agree! There is real power in the tongue. Lately, I’ve been learning the power of manifestation.

BE: When people say the universe is listening, the universe only knows what you say. The universe doesn’t know whether you’re joking or not. If we are frivolous with our words, then wonder why we stay broke, busted, and disgusted – it’s because that’s what we have spoken.

BL.com: In my opinion, internal journeys are some of the most challenging paths toward self-discovery and fulfillment. 

BE: Right! The internal journey is what shows on the outside. If you see yourself continuously failing, then there is something happening on the inside. For example, when failed relationships occur, it’s probably because one or both people haven’t gotten over what has happened in their past. These things that happen in life aren’t anything new under the sun. It can all be shaped and molded, but we have to decide that “You know what? I want this.” Everything and everyone in the world is waiting for you to decide it because as you say yes to it, it’ll say yes to you in return. 

The word “NO” is like gasoline. It’s similar to putting gas in your car because it fuels you towards your YES.

Courtesy of Brely Evans

BL.com: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

BE: In 10 years, I would have produced several films and television shows. I will have established myself as a go-to person in this industry that illustrated the power of loving Christ while simultaneously able to have fun and be fly.  Helping others understand that you can indeed have it all. You can have health, wealth, and family and still go to heaven.

BL.com: Advice for aspiring/junior-level artists in pursuit of their dreams? 

BE: Take the labels off. You’re no longer aspiring; you’re no longer a junior. If you die tomorrow, are you going to die a junior? No! Say that you are NOW. Right now is the only time that we have. I don’t like it when people say, “I’m chasing my dreams.” Well, that’s why they’re running away from you, boo! You can be at the level that you want to be.

Also, the word NO” is like gasoline. It’s similar to putting gas in your car because it fuels you towards your YES.” Every day at the end of the day, you need to ask yourself, “How many NO’s did I receive today?” You never fail, but if you want to refer to it as failing, then you’re failing forward. So, it’s still positive.