Is Homeschooling the Future?
by Black Love Team



September 18, 2018


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Is Homeschooling the Future?

There once was a time when Black families marched to get our kids into adequate schools. With homeschooling rates for Black children doubling in the last 15 years from 103,000 to about 220,000, is it possible we’ve reached a time where we want to keep our kids home? It seems that lack of faith in the K-12 curriculum, safety concerns, and a desire to have control over a child’s educational experience are changing the discussion around homeschooling.

BlackLove.com talked to Black adults who were homeschooled about their experience as children and what methods they are taking to educating their children today. Are we ready to take on the challenge of educating our children ourselves?

What were your parents’ reasons for homeschooling?

Poor education system.

Jacob, Lynn, MA, 30, Homeschooled

The area we lived in didn’t have good schools.

Ashley, Los Angeles, 33, Homeschooled & public schooled

My mom knew that she could give us a better education than a public school.

Nalo, Columbus, 32, Homeschooled & public schooled

Looking back, would you change anything about your homeschooling experience?

I would have been bolder, lived abroad, apprenticed maybe.

Earl, New York City, 33, Homeschooled

[I would have] taken advantage of more college courses.
Jacob, Lynn, 30, Homeschooled

I had a great homeschool experience. We were homeschooled with a large group of kids. My mom and her friends all homeschooled their kids together.

Ashley, Los Angeles, 33, Homeschooled & public schooled

I actually loved being homeschooled. We belonged to a homeschooling community, so I got the socialization that some homeschooled children don’t.

Nalo, Columbus, 32, Homeschooled & public schooled

Are you homeschooling your kids (or will you)?

Yes – 76%

The public-school system has gone downhill. They have taken away the arts and I don’t like that. They have pretty much taken away recess. They are very quick to label children, especially our Black boys. They have a one size fits all teaching approach. You have to allow your child to be labeled if they need extra help. I don’t agree with testing. I think that it is a piss poor way of evaluating children. I don’t like how they try to force kids to fit into a box. This is why I will continue to homeschool [my children].

Apphia, Conyers, 35, Public schooled

I’m an educator, familiar with the school system, and I feel I can add more information to my child’s academic toolbox.

Nashima, Union City, 43, Public schooled

Because schools are not safe or educating children with the correct values!

Kemba, Columbus, 65, Public schooled

I believe that education is more than just core subjects taught in a school. By homeschooling I have been able to educate my children about character, finances, politics, religion and many of the topics that schools don’t or won’t teach.

Keicha, Atlanta, 45, Public schooled

Yes, because public and private schools are not teaching the skills needed for 21st century success. There’s no need to spend countless hours on a Classical education. What we need is a future education model.

Lauren, Dallas, 42, Private & public schooled

My oldest is 8. She went to public school for Kindergarten and I didn’t like how they were teaching them. They had them memorizing things without actually knowing what it meant. We are our children’s first teacher. We are capable. And I don’t want all the fluff or busy work. I want her to learn things she’s interested in.

Katherine, Park Forest, 38, Private & public schooled

I liked the experience of small groups and intimate learning. I felt like it challenged me more than when I went to public school. I want that for my kids as well.

Ashley, Los Angeles, 33, Homeschooled & public schooled

I definitely plan to – 14%

The educational system is wrought with bureaucracy, racism, bigotry, and is antiquated. It does a poor job at preparing students for next steps.

Jacob, Lynn, 30, Homeschooled

I am an Independent Adjuster and have a 9-year-old that wishes to travel with me, plus the school shootings are getting ridiculous, and my child is concerned with safety even though it’s not happening in our area.

Edabrina, Mesquite, 46, Public schooled

Open to it – 10%

I think homeschooling is an incredible educational path but requires some dedication from a parent. My wife and I are both professionals growing our careers currently.

Earl, New York City, 33, Homeschooled

What are the top two reasons that you currently homeschool your child(ren)?

Racism. State Testing.

Chirell, Arlington, TX, 41, Public schooled

Freedom to choose what and how I educate. Schedule flexibility.

Keicha, Atlanta, 45, Public schooled

Taking control of what they learn. Safe environment for them to learn, feel free, and express themselves.

Amy, Detroit, 37, Public schooled

Safety and security.

Edabrina, Mesquite, 46, Public schooled

To keep my daughter advanced in all areas. The freedom to travel and learn at the same time.

Ashley, Los Angeles, 33, Home schooled & public schooled


So, Black Love fam, have you ever thought about homeschooling? Sound off and tell us what you think in the comments!