10 First Date Ideas Straight From the Black Love Community
by Black Love Team



February 17, 2020


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10 First Date Ideas Straight From the Black Love Community

Credit: @samjasperweddings

Whether you are new to dating or an old pro, there is always that first date question: What do we do? You don’t want to do anything too serious for a first date, but you also don’t want to be too loose. The first date should be easy and fun while still leaving enough room for a potential second meeting. Figuring out that fine middle ground for yourself might always lead you to your safe “go-to” cafe on the corner for lunchtime drinks.

But on that first step to possible love (or a great new friend), the Black Love Team has you covered. We asked our community: What do you do on a first date? Here are our favorite 10 first date ideas:

    1. “To the guy, I’m suggesting a fun golfing situation & to make it flirty; to the girl, I’d suggest a food truck festival.” – @jothisorthat
    2. “A walk in the park, and then sitting at a bench for eats…” – @moon62267

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    3. “A winery! Me and my husband tend to meet some great people there and I think that always helps to break the ice. And then there’s the wine to help everyone to relax and have fun. ” – @candidly_kim
    4. “Sip & paint …or a cooking class” – @msjelisa

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    5. “Bowling…can be competitive in a fun way & not super expensive” – @verybessie
    6. “Pottery painting.” – @naisiat
    7. “Dave & Buster’s for games…if great weather, a walk around the harbor & a meal.” – @emotionalgemini
    8. “Escape room. I hope to go soon myself.” – @takira_sharde
    9. “Dinner and a movie. Classic, and it still works.” – @jillneverumind

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    10. “Pick something fun (arcade, dancing, art shows, etc.), no fancy dinners (never lead with your wallet), look fly AF.” – @dawnofanewjay

    And a Black Love bonus:

    “Relax and be yourself. Ask questions and show genuine interest. @mrsnettaj2017 and I had so much fun on our first date that it ended up lasting 8 hours. Guess I did something right taking her to dinner and jazz & poetry.” – @jazzman2169