Top 10 Date Night Ideas
by Black Love Team



October 23, 2018


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Top 10 Date Night Ideas

Time to coordinate child care, coordinate schedules, and coordinate outfits –– date night is here!

Couple enjoys themselves on Date Night.

Photo: Ashley + Eslie  Photographer: Kesha Lambert Photography

Time to coordinate child care, coordinate schedules, and coordinate outfits –– date night is here!  Date night is a great way to connect, spend quality time, and have a lot of fun with your significant other. With that in mind, BlackLove.com has you covered with our top 10 fun date night ideas for couples, compiled straight from our social media community! There’s something for everyone, and we appreciate all who shared ways they set aside time for love.

  1. Date night is a must. We go once a week: sometimes [we plan] and other times we sneak out of the house after the girls are down for the night and get some ice cream, as long as you’re spending time together. No phones; just us!  – @ana_ka_lee
  2. We love date night, and sometimes we have a free #datenight by challenging each other in a dance or a karaoke contest! Creating fun memories is key, and it doesn’t take a lot of money to do it! With desire and creativity #datenights effortlessly recharge your relationship! Be blessed!  – @drrozakerblack
  3. My husband and I love the firing range!  – @mylove0929

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  4. Shoot, sometimes my husband and I have “date weekends” where we spend the whole weekend together doing different stuff.   – @shondabwhite
  5. Indoor skydiving!   – @jay_lasoul
  6. My husband and I recently had a date day at a salt cave spa. Great way for us to unplug, relax, and connect.   – @ayzbyz
  7. Hubby and I took a cooking class: a wine and cheese class. I recently surprised him by getting tickets to a TV show taping, and I made reservations for our favorite restaurant. 25 years of marriage and we’re still going on date nights. – @scillacey
  8. We love date night and even more so now that we’re parents. We used to be able to go out as often as we like and whenever we wanted, but now we have to make sure to plan it. We love it though because we always enjoy ourselves and appreciate one another even more. A great date night is to go roller skating together (get some exercise while having fun), then go for a nice dinner, and end the night with some music and slow dancing!  – @moemotivate

    Top 10 Date Night Ideas from BlackLove.com
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  9. We have an ongoing date night contest to see who can plan the best outing while spending the LEAST amount of money. So far, I’m winning!  – @1mooresandra
  10. My partner and I instituted a weekly date night (called #Thursdate). We’ve been doing this for almost a year straight. No matter if there’s been an argument earlier in the week (or day before), we don’t cancel. We only cancel in real life emergencies. We don’t schedule work during that time frame. It starts at 8 pm, which still gives enough time in the evening to work if we want. Dates range from at home quality time to fully dressed ‘n going out. The commitment + flexibility have offered a non-verbal barometer of how we’re doing. There’s space to still say, though, if something is contentious, “I’m feeling some type of way because of our argument the other day. I want to cancel date night, but I’m not because I’m committed to what we’re doing.” It also gives space for us to express how much we’re looking forward to date night. It’s just been a super dope relationship hack.  – @moonbellywoman_detroit


So, what date night idea are you itching to try next? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to add it to the calendar!

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