5 Books by Black Women to Keep You Empowered
by Black Love Team



March 8, 2021


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5 Books by Black Women to Keep You Empowered

Courtesy of pexels.com
Courtesy of pexels.com

While many women are at different stages and phases of their lives, it’s always good to have reminders that you are amazing, you deserve love, you are blessed, and ultimately finding your empowerment as a result of reading what others have encountered in their business and personal lives. 

Here are 5 books by Black women to keep you empowered and stepping into your greatness.

As a best-selling author and public speaker, Luvvie has consistently created a platform that speaks highly of women standing in their power. Her latest book is a manual that helps you navigate fighting through fear, finding your voice by speaking your truth, and living your most authentic life as a result. Luvvie shared with Black Enterprise, “I’ve seen how my life has really transformed in the moments I’m petrified but something is pushing me toward this thing … [I think] ‘you know what, I might as well just do it’ and I’ll do it afraid.”

You can purchase Professional Troublemaker here.

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One of the most classic novels that has transcended generations is a true tale of a phoenix rising through the ashes. Angelou masterfully provides an autobiographical depiction of her life growing up through abuse and shame. Its ultimate messaging tells the reader that no matter where or what circumstances you have come from and gone through, that it’s never too late to turn it around. Its theme navigates the lesson of finding strength and stepping into your own power. 

It can be purchased here. 

Former Editor-in-Chief of Teen Vogue and best-selling author, Welteroth penned an incredible book on moving through imposter syndrome, micro-aggressions, and more. Welteroth’s aim was to take her experiences and mesh them into something the next generation could pick up and find their own power. She told The New York Times, “If I am going to be held up as a trailblazer in my career for the things that I’ve been able to do and the opportunities I’ve had, well I better be doing everything in my power to make sure that I am leaving that trail with some signposts along the way that make it easier and less daunting and less confusing for the next generation of young leaders and female leaders of color who are coming up behind me.”

Buy the book here.

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Our forever First Lady, brought us into her heart and home with her best-selling book. Becoming has impacted millions of people, globally. The readers get a front-row seat into the barriers Michelle Obama had to overcome at various stages in her career as a lawyer, as a mother, as a wife, and as a First Lady. Becoming shows us that we must not lean into criticisms but stand in our opulence as multifaceted beings who can possess beauty, brains, and brawn. The book also has a new edition for young readers.

Purchase the original Becoming here.

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As one of Hollywood’s most impactful storytellers, Shonda Rhimes’ Year of Yes! rounds out the list as another book we all need to read. Rhimes talks about her unwavering introverted spirit that would draw her to say “no” to social events, interviews, and more. This book speaks to a change in mindset and deciding that where you are is only as good as the opportunities you set up for yourself to ascend in the future. While taking control and committing to more “yes’s”, this book is great for anyone who may feel shy, introverted, or still lacking the confidence to get to that next level.

Grab a copy here.