‘Behind Her Faith’ is the Docuseries We All Need in This Time of Difficulty
by Dontaira Terrell



April 9, 2020


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‘Behind Her Faith’ is the Docuseries We All Need in This Time of Difficulty

The world is relying on the power of faith to maneuver through these difficult times. Now more than ever, especially with the uncertainty and upheaval in today’s society due to the coronavirus outbreak. The ups and downs of life’s daily challenges and stressors can frequently lead to our faith being tested in several ways. But the role of faith in both spiritual and emotional growth along with our overall well-being is essential. 

In Behind Her Faith, an in-depth and emotionally charged docuseries created by director Paula Bryant-Ellis, she sits down with four accomplished women from varied walks of life. When They See Us star Niecy Nash, Underground‘s Aisha Hinds, Ambitions leading actress Essence Atkins, and the Shade Room founder Angelica Nwandu. By offering their personal accounts when trials tested their faith but proved to be for the greater good of what was to come, all of the women’s testimonies reflected the impact of blazing a path by turning trials into triumphs.

“There is not a more poignant time than now to explore the dynamics of what serves as the foundation of one’s faith. Faith generally does its finest work in times of crisis and is the single most important weapon used to invoke calm amidst the chaos,” said Hinds. She further explained to BlackLove.com that, “We are experiencing an unprecedented time, unlike anything our generation has ever witnessed. Yes, it’s disruptive. But we have the option to choose the lens by which we perceive it all that which is lost. Or that which is being gained in this time.” 

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But for those on the opposing end currently struggling with their faith or aren’t connected to their spiritual source, Bryant-Ellis offers a piece of advice. “That’s perfectly okay. I believe our level of faith is a direct correlation to the challenges we’re facing. When we feel we’re struggling, it’s a sign that we need to spend more time in the presence of God so he can strengthen us and help us push through this journey.”

‘Behind Her Faith’ docuseries

The recent launch of the docuseries, which is currently airing on AMC Networks streaming service Urban Movie Channel (UMC), features four episodes. With each installment peeling back the layers of grief, heartbreak, tragedy, and fear, the ladies offer familiar tales that many of us often relate to on a myriad of levels. The show also highlights the importance of having a mustard seed of faith as the common denominator. And subsequently, how it has contributed to all of the featured guests’ success both personally and professionally. 

For instance, Essence Atkins spoke about motherhood, self-reflection, and the learning lessons behind her painful divorce. Her evolution of transitioning pain into purpose echoes her belief system, which is the foundation that propels her to move forward effortlessly and unapologetically. 

Faith generally does its finest work in times of crisis and is the single most important weapon used to invoke calm amidst the chaos.

Paula Bryant-Ellis (Photo courtesy of Darius Carter, Photographer of the Carter’s Touch)

“It reflects where my peace and strength are sourced, even today, under these circumstances. This is a time, unlike any of us have seen in our lifetime. And the angst and uncertainty are monumental. I hope that in sharing my journey with Christ that people will gain confirmation, or perhaps it births a curiosity that will lead them to their own relationship and faith,” she said. 

It’s refreshing to see the uniqueness and beauty of these Black women on our television screens while showcasing their tenacious spirits but also their vulnerabilities. The self-journey from within isn’t an easy feat by any means. But the road to fulfillment is the most rewarding experience any of us can have in this thing called life.  

“I feel a call and responsibility in this season of my life to inspire and uplift all women but especially Black women. We are beautiful creatures and are so overlooked in the media. I pray as women hear these stories, they will be inspired to push through whatever it is that they have or are encountering at this very moment. We don’t have to have it all figured out. We just have to continue to push, one day, one step at a time,” expressed writer-director Bryant-Ellis when asked about the key takeaway she hoped Black women gained when creating this project.

Other notables involved in the production are HBO’s Insecure Jay Ellis, who serves as an executive producer and our very own Black Love co-creator Codie Elaine Oliver as a consulting producer.  

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