Best Valentine’s Day Memories From the Black Love Community
by Black Love Team



February 13, 2019


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Best Valentine’s Day Memories From the Black Love Community

Here at Black Love, we celebrate love in all of its most pure forms each and every day. But tomorrow is a very special day — Valentine’s Day. Yes, boxes of chocolate, flowers, and a date night on February 14th are all standard procedures for the day made for lovers that are more than friends, but sometimes it’s about a little bit more than that.

Credit: S. Bola Okoya

We asked the Black Love community what some of their best Valentine’s Day memories have been over the years. Check out some of the best responses below.

  1. “When my hubby surprised me with a card and stuffed bear in my car before I left for work.” – @shortii_311
  2. “On our first Valentine’s Day I was the first he ever gifted for the holiday. We’ve been together 19 years since then. – @chasenchancesworld
  3. “Getting married on 2/14/06.” – @shostyles84

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  4. “He was working overseas in South Africa and made a surprise visit home.” – @mshenry417
  5. “Going to a [Ryan Leslie] show in NYC, then staying at the W Hotel in Union Square.” – @1missmercedes
  6. “[A] day trip to the beach on a work day, shopping spree, romantic dinner, [and] night away in a new city.” – @epiko24
  7. “We spent a weekend in a cabin. No phones, no TV, just quality time, and other things.” – @forever_aniyah
  8. “My boyfriend ordered my favorite food and created our own paint and sip.” – @true2mealwayz
  9. “A trip to Jamaica [with] a candlelight dinner on the beach.” – @mandymentors

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  10. “My significant other set up something with my mom to decorate my house with love [and] gifts for Valentine’s Day.” – @ovo_lace

Do you have an unforgettable Valentine’s Day memory? Tell us about it below or head over to our Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and reminisce about your best Valentine’s Day ever.


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