Top 9 Unique Date Ideas
by Black Love Team



March 12, 2019


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Top 9 Unique Date Ideas

Here at Black Love, we’ve talked about fun things to do on a first date. But we also know that dating goes beyond those first few meetings. So, what is there to do when you have been seeing each other for a while and are looking for a way to bond on a deeper level?

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We searched the Black Love community archives for out of the ordinary date ideas. Check out some of the best responses below.

  1. “Fly to a different city; it forces you to get to know one another.” – @spoiledcandi

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  2. “Go volunteer at a nursing home, homeless shelter or children’s hospital, and afterwards have lunch and talk about your experience.” – @uthrivewethrive
  3. “Go to the lake. Took my wife to the lake for our first date and the rest was history lol.” – @thisiskeyonbrown
  4. “Open mic at a local event.” – @celia_dapoet
  5. “An escape room.” – @syreetaaa86
  6. “Scuba diving in Jamaica holding hands underwater while exploring the beautiful reef & marine life!” – @AngieGfit25

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  7. “We went for ice cream and wrote down on a napkin what we were looking for in a spouse. We exchanged our napkins and laughed when we saw most of our wants were alike. 11 years now and wish we kept those napkins to show our kids.” – @adedoyinoo7
  8. “After the kids go to sleep or gone to grandma’s house, rearrange the living room, push all the furniture out the way, create a dance floor, play your favorite playlist, get some finger foods, and dance & enjoy each other’s company.” – @ writtenthought14

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  9. “I purchased [a] professional massage table, then set up our basement to replicate a massage room…with candles,meditation music, and lots of oils… After a long day and dinner, I surprised my husband with a 2-hr full-body massage. He loved it.” – @ mrssashamoore


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