Let’s Talk About Sexting and Getting Comfortable With the Uncomfortable
by Ashley Cobb



February 19, 2021


5 Minute Read


Let’s Talk About Sexting and Getting Comfortable With the Uncomfortable

Sexting can be a bit awkward if you’ve never done it before, don’t know what to say, or don’t know what your partner likes. Fortunately for you, as your Fairy Sexting Godmother, I have you covered on how to sext successfully. Sexting is indeed a skill, but like most skills in life, it can be learned. In fact, most adults are already doing it. According to American Psychological Association, 88 percent of adults reported sexting in the past year. Sexting just isn’t for teenagers anymore. I am a firm believer that if you’re going to do something might as well do it right. So here are some tips on how to sext with confidence. (You’re welcome.)


Get Permission

Make sure your partner likes to sext. Unsolicited dirty texts can be a turn off if your partner is not into it or if it’s an inappropriate time–read the room. If you’re not sure what your partner is up to, send a simple “Hey, you busy?” text to let you know if it’s a good time. So be sure to get consent first. Consent is always key.

‍Use as Foreplay

‍Sexting is an excellent way to add some spice to your relationship. Sexting can build anticipation until both of you are together in person. Think of it as one long session of foreplay until you get to touch each other. Get the build up going until it’s time to go down. 

Protect Your Sexts

Courtesy of pexels.com
Courtesy of pexels.com

It’s important when sending compromising text or nudes to always protect yourself.  There are multiple apps nowadays such as Snapchat that automatically delete messages after they are read. You can use apps that store your nude pics in a separate folder. Use the “no face, no case” rule to safely send nudes. If you are sending photos, avoid identifying features like your face, tattoos, birthmarks, or unique jewelry.

Stay Within Your Comfort Zone

Only do what you are comfortable with. If you only are comfortable with sending a flirty message like, “Can’t wait to make love to you tonight!” then do that. If you are someone who likes to be a tad bit more risqué, sending a nude might be more your thing or cover up with a little bit of lingerie or boxers. Start with what makes you comfortable and explore from there.

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Put Effort Into the Visuals

Angles and lighting are key when taking photos and recording video during sexting. Accentuate your best assets. You can focus on areas like your lips or your legs. The point is to entice your partner’s sexual imagination. If you’re in love with your pelvic area or the small of your back, have your nude photo on that specific body part. Get creative. There’s no formula when it comes to visuals. You can do whatever you want. So, why not experiment and be creative with them? 

Use Audio

Sexting doesn’t have to just be texts and visuals. You can also incorporate the voice recordings. Send a voice memo of you playing with yourself or reading an erotic poem. Pretend that your partner is in front of you. Record in a sexy voice and send it off with confidence. You can even try a voice altering app that allows you to play a nurse or a firefighter to invite a bit of roleplay.  

Use Memes and GIFs

Never underestimate the power of a sexy meme or GIF.  Use memes and GIFs to add visuals to what you’ve already written. They add more context to the conversation and give you a break from having to be original.

Remember, sexting should be an enjoyable, consensual experience for all parties involved.