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There’s no formula to finding someone to spend your life with — the only thing we can control is our willingness to let it happen.

Children are a blessing, but they can also shift the entire dynamic of your relationship.

Taj & Eddie George and Black Love series creators Codie & Tommy Oliver share how they knew they met their match, and when it was the right time to pop the question.

Can you end up marrying someone you had no intentions of even being with? Well, according to Taj George — yes.

Let’s be honest, swiping right can be easy, but are you setting yourself up to win?

BlackLove.com resident crib-to-college dad Jeff Johnson shares his experiences as a father, which includes his biggest parenting mistake, how to enter a new relationship when there are children involved, and maybe, most importantly whether or not there should be a difference between raising boys and girls.

Codie and Tommy sit with Taj and Eddie George to chat all things Black Love and marriage. They even get into a few reasons why this all started.

Q&A | The couples chat about the detrimental statistics being pushed on black marriages and how they affect our relationships. Black Love series co-creator Codie Oliver closes with why we must be the change we want to see!

In this clip, the couples talk about finding balance and why putting yourself at the top of the priority list benefits everyone! Devale Ellis also dives into how he turned his frustration with the entertainment industry into something positive.

Disagreements are inevitable in relationships, but it’s how you get through them that makes the difference. Devale and Khadeen Ellis both admit being playfully P-E-T-T-Y at times, but in the end, their love and marriage always wins.