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Q&A | The couples chat about the detrimental statistics being pushed on black marriages and how they affect our relationships. Black Love series co-creator Codie Oliver closes with why we must be the change we want to see!

In this clip, the couples talk about finding balance and why putting yourself at the top of the priority list benefits everyone! Devale Ellis also dives into how he turned his frustration with the entertainment industry into something positive.

Disagreements are inevitable in relationships, but it’s how you get through them that makes the difference. Devale and Khadeen Ellis both admit being playfully P-E-T-T-Y at times, but in the end, their love and marriage always wins.

How do you handle the DM’s? In a lot of ways, social media has changed the game for the worst, but Khadeen & Devale Ellis attribute honesty to getting past the BS that can exist. You won’t believe the DM Khadeen got about her man!

Who do you talk to about what goes on in your relationship when you need advice, and in whom do you confide? Often, we hear “keep your business to yourself.” Devale & Khadeen Ellis believe that if you choose couples who have achieved your idea of a successful partnership, you can learn so much!

Devale Ellis gets transparent about one of the darkest times in his life and how his wife, Khadeen, played a huge role in getting through to the other side.

This time around, we take on New York City with Devale & Khadeen Ellis. We talk about how they met the creators of the Black Love Doc series, Tommy and Codie Oliver, and became apart of the show. Khadeen also shows us what happens when you go after what you want!

Building Generational Wealth as a Couple The creators of the Black Love TV series took exclusive episode clips and couples from the show on a multi-city tour sharing funny and memorable moments.

Dating With a Purpose How do you have a successful partnership when you didn’t have examples growing up? Black Love series co-creator Tommy Oliver shares how he’s made it work and offers advice to others seeking depth in dating.

What does financial freedom look like to you? Different strokes for different folks but whatever it means to you, define it, and then stick to it. On the latest episode of All Things Money, Tonya Rapley talks about all things financial freedom and tips to get there.