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Bec Gross opens up about balancing motherhood and career and what managing that looks like!

Bec Gross, celebrity stylist, wife and mom, keeps it honest about self care.

On Air Personality and Actor/Athlete married couple Khadeen & Devale Ellis discuss hot topics with other couples.

Khadeen (@KhadeenIam) & Devale (@IamDevale) talk gender roles in marriage with two couples – Kevin Fredericks (@KevOnStage) & Melissa Fredericks (@MrsKevOnStage) and Casie Mills (@onestart_onefinish) & Issa Bolden (@real_name_issa)

Codie & Tommy Oliver and Black Love are launching the first ever Black Love Summit October 6&7 at the W in Hollywood featuring Niecy Nash, Erica Campbell & Warryn Campbell, Chris Spencer & Vanessa Spencer, Sean Patrick Thomas & Aonika Thomas, Devale Ellis & Khadeen Ellis, Michael Jai White & Gillian White, and many more. Get your tickets…

Meet Kamali and learn how and why she became an expert on emotional, spiritual, and physical intimacy. Explore benefits of tantric therapy and new ways to heighten intimacy in your love life!

Connect your sex ➡️with your heart ➡️ and your head. Kamali says it’ll lead to some pretty EPIC sex 🙌🏾 YES, Kamali is back with more #TantricPerspective and she’s helping you to awaken some levels of pleasure you’ve never seen before with this episode on the ‘Conscious Penis’. Take notes!!

Can you have good sex with no climax? Kamali says YES! Have a good time without the pressure with Kamali’s tips.

42% of black women are not married, but what they don’t tell you….. Let’s talk about it with Dr. Ivory Toldson #mythorfact #blackmarriage