Our Story: Sharelle & Kevin
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October 26, 2018


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Our Story: Sharelle & Kevin

Our Story: Sharelle & Kevin
Our Story: Sharelle & Kevin

We really had no idea what to expect when we first got married because everyone’s journey is unique. But, we weren’t expecting God to shake up our lives a few months after “I do.” The news that my husband lost his job was hard. But, a couple months later learning we were pregnant left us torn between excited and scared. Months passed as my belly grew and so did the financial challenges. We watched our financial reserve deplete and eventually run dry. Bills piled up and eviction threats were close to becoming a reality. We never gave up but some days we were so weary and could barely muster the strength to communicate. Other days we lashed out in frustration without considering love and respect.⠀

We were working tirelessly to keep our union from crumbling under the intense pressure. We had no other choice but to lean on God. We prayed together daily, stayed close to our loving community and did our best to move forward. In return, God never failed us. Every month, just enough resources would somehow show up to keep the lights on, food on the table or gas in the car. Then about a month before the baby was due my husband landed a job that was more than we could have expected or asked. ⠀

Looking back, I can now see that God was shaking us up to move us along. The restoration and blessings that have come out of those dark times have intimately bonded us unlike anything we’ve ever experienced in our relationship. God was testing us so that we would be prepared to receive the blessings that were on the other side!

Reflections by @sharrelleguyton


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