The Most Surprising Thing About Motherhood
by Black Love Team



May 6, 2019


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The Most Surprising Thing About Motherhood

Motherhood. Let’s get real.  It’s one of those words packed with so much feeling that you actually want to add a few more letters to the name. As a new mom on the come up, you may have your birth plan in order, cleaned the entire house, and read every book about parenting that you could find. But even among all that preparation, there are still surprising facts about motherhood that only experience can explain. Like how when babies throw up, it is so similar to The Exorcist that you actually wonder if they are possessed; how worried you get when you haven’t seen poop for days, then…a literal poop explosion all over the car seat actually makes you unmeasurably happy; or how much you sincerely wonder if little magical creatures might really be stealing all the socks. Then, there is that indescribable feeling of your heart expanding to welcome and love each child.

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Here at Black Love, we asked the community: What is the most surprising thing about motherhood? Here are our top 10 responses.

  1. You get excited about poop @ms_shanaye
  2. That I would love it so much that I would give up my job @itsreallyjustdee
  3. As much as you plan, train, and study them you are not in control. And socks disappear @britt_barr90

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  4. The energy you find within to keep up with…EVERYTHING – Kashra Shelton
  5. Knowing what I know about my first child and still wanting more kids lol @syd_townsel
  6. The super strength, creativity, and loving capacity of being a mom is surprising @positive_energizer

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  7. Nothing ever goes as planned. The little human has its own plan – LaTrease Nwunye
  8. How you learn about yourself @shikey79
  9. How even when I want to be left alone from my kids, I still want them near @keepitthick
  10. How fast time flies. You moms that still have little ones, please don’t be in a rush to grow them up – Chawntele Flowers

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