Serie: Moms With Coffee

Elisha shares her honest feelings about her new body AND her newfound badassness as a mom.

Elisha talks to Lizzy Mathis about the strong dynamic of her blended family (of 10) and how she, her husband and his ex-wife make a strong team.

Elisha talks to Lizzy Mathis about how her breastfeeding-on-the-toilet photo went viral and why sharing the realities of being a mom is important to her.

Felicia talks about living out loud and using her platform as a vehicle to promote mindfulness and speaks HER truth about her growth journey, writing and makeup.

Felicia gets very transparent with Lizzy about her postpartum journey and why she has chosen to be vocal about her experience after giving birth to her first child!

It’s a balancing act :scales:— being a new mother and managing a career. Especially an on-camera career!! As an actress —RyanMichelleB’s post-birth body was immediately put under the microscope. As if the new child’s life she had to care for wasn’t enough, she was forced to face the industry and their comments head on.But she…

Ryan Michelle Bathe opens up about building community and finding diversity with our host, Lizzy Mathis! These moms talk instilling empathy and communication in their little ones early (MAJOR keys)!!

Lizzy talks to mom and actress, Ryan Michelle Bathe, about raising boys! Can you relate?

Bec Gross talks navigating friendships when you become a mom first and finding your friends as a new Mom

Bec Gross opens up about balancing motherhood and career and what managing that looks like!