Top 10 Moments From Black Love, Season 1 (VIDEO)
by Black Love Team



March 7, 2019


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Top 10 Moments From Black Love, Season 1 (VIDEO)

Since the first season of the Black Love hit television screens, a void was filled. Not only were audiences everywhere able to see themselves reflected in Black married couples, but they were also able to sit back, relate, listen, and learn lessons from people that came from all walks of life, had different journeys, and still managed to build and maintain successful relationships despite hardship.

Today, the Black Love team has decided to take a stroll down memory lane and relive some of the most memorable moments from some of our favorite couples from Black Love season 1.

  1. When it came to communication, Tamra and Akadius learned very early on that they had very different ways of getting their point across. Akadius came from a family with a very strong, sarcastic sense of humor and Tamra didn’t. However, despite this difference in how they joke around, the couple found a way to talk their way through it and find common ground.  


  3. Neil and Katrina knew very early in their lives that they were meant to be together and got married in their late teens. Throughout their journey together they’ve been tested and on one occasion, Neil explains why he had to prove himself in their marriage after some early missteps.


  5. One of the major keys to keeping a marriage fresh is making sure that love is always present, and according to Andre and Latoya, the 3 Ls: laughter, like, and lust can do any marriage good.


  7. Nowadays people slide into each other’s DMs, swipe right or connect digitally to start relationships, but Shanice and Flex shared how they keep the spark alive through risque text messages especially if they’re feet apart and in front of their kids.


  9. When DeVon Franklin and Meagan Good met they were both celibate, and with both of them on the same page, their dedication to God and their desire to leave sex off of the table until marriage helped them bond and build a foundation that was perfect for both of them.


  11. Despite their desire to become parents, Aonika and Sean faced many challenges when it came to embarking on their journey to parenthood.


  13. And for one of the most lighthearted and laugh out loud moments of season 1, Viola Davis and her husband Julius recall the moment very early on in their relationship that she revealed her bad credit and how he responded.


  15. In this powerful clip, Vanessa reflects on the moment that she realized that she could let her guard down and not always be a dominant woman in her marriage with Chris because he was there to help, understand and support her daily in ways that she hadn’t experienced before.


  17. Tia Mowry and Cory Hardrict reflect on the reasons why forgiveness helps maneuver hard moments in marriage, especially when you realize that although you love someone 24/7, you may not always like them when rough patches occur.


  19. Just like all of us, Black Love co-creator Codie Elaine Oliver learned a lot as she filmed season 1 of Black Love. Once the season was complete, she reflected on what lessons she was walking away with and how this journey with all of these couples inspired her as a newlywed ready to share a lifetime of love and growth with Tommy.