WWTD (What Would Tabitha Do) Ways We Can All Learn to Lead With Love Like Tabitha
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July 12, 2021


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WWTD (What Would Tabitha Do) Ways We Can All Learn to Lead With Love Like Tabitha

Tabitha Brown (Courtesy of @iamtabithabrown/Instagram)
Tabitha Brown (Courtesy of @iamtabithabrown/Instagram)

Actor/vegan influencer Tabitha Brown’s response to media personality Wendy Williams about her marriage last week left us all saying, “How can I be more like Tab?!” In case you missed the news — let’s catch up on what happened. On a recent episode of The Wendy Williams Show during Hot Topics, Wendy shared her thoughts on Tabitha retiring her husband of 17 years from the LAPD. Chance and Tabitha (who were on Season 5 of Black Love) moved to Los Angeles 15 years ago to support the actor in following her dreams. 

Chance allowed for what he wanted for his life and took a back seat to support Tabitha because he wanted her to follow her dreams. “I was in his dog in the fight, and he believed in me. He did every day of the past 15 years of no’s and rejections, and I did every year of the LAPD with him. Now is his time to dream again,” said Brown in her response video to the talk show host. Williams disagreed with the decision to retire Chance, and in fact, expressed that she didn’t see the marriage lasting long following this decision.

This clip set the internet ablaze, and on July 1st, Tabitha responded with the most gracious clap back, making us all realize that this is truly how we should all lead — with love, even to those who don’t have the capacity to do the same. If you didn’t get to see the clip, check it out here, along with five ways we can all be more like Tab. 


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Lead With Love

Before even addressing Williams, she understood that she was in a great deal of pain. Wendy Williams is recently divorced, following her split with her now ex-husband Kevin Hunter. Wendy’s words were those of a woman who, unfortunately, found herself in a partnership where she was left with a great deal of heartache. Tabitha took the opportunity to not only love on her, but wish her love. 

Practice Empathy 

It’s easy to meet someone who’s set out to hurt you with aggression, but instead, Tabitha met her with empathy. Everyone doesn’t know the kind of love that Tab and Chance do, and Tabitha was aware of that. She didn’t approach the response from a pedestal, she approached it with such beautiful self-awareness, and she chose her words carefully. 

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Always Stay Gracious

Okay, now maybe Beyoncé taught us this first, but you get the point lol. Wendy picked apart Tabitha’s marriage, mocked her voice, and assumed she knew what was best for her through the lens of what her marriage turned out to be. With such class, Tabitha spoke to the assumptions that her marriage wouldn’t last in a way that challenged us all to practice patience with each other even when we’re on the other side of fake news. 

Keep Your Joy 

Never allow outside opinions about your life, keep you from celebrating your big moments. Days following Tabitha’s response, she celebrated her hubby with a party-themed “Time To Take a New Chance,” marking his big leap and what’s next for him as he focuses on his non-profit he mentors children ages 5-12 through the fundamentals of basketball. She didn’t allow anything that was said to steal her joy, as even throughout the clap back video, she smiled because she has true happiness in life — and love.

We’re wishing all the best to Tab and Chance in this next chapter. While it may be difficult for some, when you find yourself struggling with responding to the negativity of this world, remember WWTD — What Would Tabitha Do.