5 Reasons You Don’t Want to Miss the Black Love Summit
by Black Love Team



July 2, 2019


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5 Reasons You Don’t Want to Miss the Black Love Summit

It’s almost time for the 2019 Black Love Summit! Check out five reasons you don’t want to miss out!

Black Love Summit 2018

We’re taking the Black Love Summit to Atlanta

On Saturday, July 20, we are bringing new conversations, new guests, and new perspectives for a full day of all things Black Love! Last year’s summit was like soul food, and this year we’re bringing you a bigger buffet of transparent conversations about love, partnership, and community for Black couples and singles. 

Early-bird tickets sold out within a week, so be sure to secure your spot and meet us there. Check out five reasons to join us, below! 

#1 Community

YOU’RE IN A SPACE FULL OF BLACK PEOPLE! It’s a community, and everywhere you turn, you’ll see people interested in the same things as you — bettering themselves and investing in their relationships. The Black Love Summit was created to be a safe space for lovers, friends, and strangers to kick back, breathe, relate, and at some point during the weekend, become family through a valuable and insightful shared experience.

Whether you are single, in a relationship or married, the Black Love Summit is a place for you to grow your tribe, soak up gems and participate in dialogue about preserving and investing in love. This is for you, no matter what season you are in!

#2 The Conversations

Black Love Summit 2018

Nothing is off limits and we keep it very real! At the 2018 Black Love Summit, Ashley Chea — a wife and mom of three — revealed that she and her husband had sex almost every single day for 11 years. (Yes, every single day!) An audience member asked, “Don’t you have a period?” and in true transparent fashion, Ashley fired back saying, “Don’t you have towels?!” It doesn’t get more real than that! 

Just like last year, we’ll be getting deep, transparent, and keeping it honest about common challenges that are not always common conversation. How do you deal with your in-laws? I don’t feel sexy after giving birth, how do I combat that? I’m single but looking, what’s the next best step? How do you argue? Does therapy even work? We’re excited to explore these raw conversations about our experiences to help us all lead full, happy lives! 

#3 The Husbands Panel + The Wives Panel 

The Husbands Panel is like being a fly on the wall listening in on five Black brothas at the barber shop. Last year, Robbie Jones, Lance Gross, Chris Spencer, Devale Ellis and Black Love co-creator Tommy Oliver chopped it up about what it takes to make a marriage work from a man’s point of view. They recounted the moments their wives challenged them, supported them, and how the journey is the destination. 

And ladies, there is something special about hearing other women share their stories. The ladies on the Wives Panel open up about how they’ve handled certain situations — big or small — with humor, grace and just a little more understanding. Let the church say, “Yassssss, sis!” There really isn’t another space like this and we are thrilled to invite you into this sacred room this summer!

Black Love Summit 2018

#4 Treat It Like a Date

If you and your significant other want to attend, make it a date! If you’ve got kids, get a babysitter. If you’re single, come mingle! While you’re taking in all this glorious Black Love energy at the summit, you can also bond with your boo, reflect on where you’re going, and meet some awesome people at the same time! Plus, you will definitely walk away with gems that you can discuss and apply to your current or future relationships. It’s a win across the board!

#5 The Authenticity

The Black Love Summit is a safe space with real dialogue. No topic is off limits and no judgment will be passed. Everyone’s relationship journey is different. While some seasons are full of high highs, others will bring low lows. There’s a lesson to be learned in every season and that’s why we are here. This is a space where hearing and sharing those experiences — and the wisdom you gained as a result — is encouraged. 

Whether you’re single or taken, everyone needs a tribe. If you’re looking to connect with other couples invested in their relationship — this is the space! If you’re single, you’ll meet people who are invested in becoming the best version of themselves and possibly seeking a partner in the process! The conversations we curate don’t end on the stage, and that’s the beauty of the Black Love community.

Black Love Summit 2018

Need more reasons??


A quick plane ride from almost every major city. 

Tickets are affordable 

We don’t profit off of this conference, and that’s okay. We are building this experience and this community because these conversations deserve to be amplified. Invest in this space! You won’t regret it! Click here to get tickets.

Season 3 of Black Love Doc 

Season 3 of Black Love is on the way, but if you can’t wait for the show, the summit will give you you’re much-needed fix of all things Black Love! 

See you this summer! Be sure to let us know where you’re traveling from! We’ve already got folks coming from Chicago, D.C., Philly and Texas! And, we can’t wait to meet you!

Black Love Summit Atlanta 2019
Black Love Summit Atlanta 2019