Part 5

Chicago: Love is Not a Perfect Story

There’s no formula to finding someone to spend your life with — the only thing we can control is our…

Part 3

Chicago: How I Knew I Found the One

Taj & Eddie George and Black Love series creators Codie & Tommy Oliver share how they knew they met their…

Part 2

Chicago: Starting as Friends, Ending as Lovers

Can you end up marrying someone you had no intentions of even being with? Well, according to Taj George —…

Part 1

Chicago: The Story of Black Love

Codie and Tommy sit with Taj and Eddie George to chat all things Black Love and marriage. They even get…

Part 7

New York City: Power Struggle in Marriage?

Q&A | The couples chat about the detrimental statistics being pushed on black marriages and how they affect our relationships.…

Part 6

New York City: Can You Balance Marriage, Careers, and Children?

In this clip, the couples talk about finding balance and why putting yourself at the top of the priority list…

Part 5

New York City: For the Sake of Marriage

Disagreements are inevitable in relationships, but it’s how you get through them that makes the difference. Devale and Khadeen Ellis…

Part 4

Chicago: Can Children Change the Relationship?

Children are a blessing, but they can also shift the entire dynamic of your relationship.

Part 4

New York City: Has Social Media Disrupted Relationships?

How do you handle the DM’s? In a lot of ways, social media has changed the game for the worst,…

Part 2

New York City: Getting Through Addiction With Someone You Love

Devale Ellis gets transparent about one of the darkest times in his life and how his wife, Khadeen, played a…

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